1 billion yuan!Jieka Robot completed the D round of financing and became the largest financing company in the field of collaborative robots

1 billion yuan!Jieka Robot completed the D round of financing and became the largest financing company in the field of collaborative robots

Recently, Jieka Robot completed the D round of financing and became the company with the largest number of financing rounds and the largest financing scale in the field of collaborative robots.

This round of financing was jointly led by Temasek, Truelight Capital, SoftBank Vision Fund Phase II and Saudi Aramco’s diversified venture capital fund Prosperity7 Ventures, followed by strategic investment institutions, and China Renaissance as the exclusive financial advisor. The financing amount is equivalent to RMB About 1 billion yuan.

Mr. Li Mingyang, CEO of Jieka Robot, said: “This financing is a milestone in the field of collaborative robots and a recognition of the collaborative Robot industry represented by Jieka Robot. We believe that collaborative robots will enter more industrial and Among various emerging business formats, Jieka Robot will accelerate the improvement of global marketing channels and service network through this financing, and will be closer to our global customers. At the same time, it will provide more flexible and intelligent robot products for customers in different regions and industries. .”

1 billion yuan!Jieka Robot completed the D round of financing and became the largest financing company in the field of collaborative robots

01. Global expansion & refined operation

Jieka Robot, founded in 2014, is committed to innovating the interaction between humans and robots, and has always been the leading brand in the global collaborative robot market.

In recent years, Jieka Robot has established a number of offices and branches in China to create a complete service guarantee system of JAKA S³ (Quick response, Solutions, Skill-up customer empowerment). Driven by the globalization strategy, Jieka Robot has established technical centers in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and other places, and at the same time cooperates with excellent partners around the world, and is committed to providing localized services to global customers.

From the company’s point of view, customer demand is the first orientation, and the combination of global expansion with localized and refined operations can better help customers improve intelligent production capacity, product quality, and reduce labor intensity.

After fully investigating the collaborative robot track, the world-renowned investment institution chose Jieka Robot, which is not only optimistic about the development potential of the collaborative robot industry, but also a recognition of the status of the Jieka robot industry. It is also a strong evidence of confidence in the company’s development prospects. It will promote the further development of the globalization of Jieka Robot.

02. Innovative evolution & flexible intelligence

A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation has accelerated the evolution, and the robot industry has ushered in a window period of upgrading and leapfrog development. Jieka Robot deeply integrates emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, and develops towards multi-dimensional intelligent development, that is, from single perception to global perception, from perception intelligence to cognitive intelligence, and from single-machine intelligence to cluster intelligence. Robots are moving towards a more flexible and intelligent era. At present, Jieka Robot has realized nine core technologies, six core algorithms, and six series of collaborative robot matrices, building strong operational capabilities, strong scene-based capabilities, and strong intelligence capabilities, and has been recognized by international industrial giants.

1 billion yuan!Jieka Robot completed the D round of financing and became the largest financing company in the field of collaborative robots

In 2021, Jieka Robot will become Toyota’s global collaborative robot supplier, and the company’s product performance, R&D strength, supply capacity, and service capacity have been fully verified. The Japanese side also sent a letter of thanks. For Toyota, the card-saving robot has become an important boost to enhance the competitive advantage of the production line.

Mr. Dennis Chang, Managing Partner of SoftBank Vision Fund, said: “We believe that Jieka Robot is one of the leaders in the field of collaborative robots in China and is committed to helping manufacturing companies improve production efficiency. Based on its strong independent research and development capabilities, Jieka Robotics The robot products have good performance, are highly suitable for a variety of industrial scenarios, and have been recognized by many global partners. We are very happy to cooperate with Jieka Robot and help them in their vision of creating an era of flexible intelligent robots.”

03. Industrial Transformation & Productivity Reconstruction

The new industrial revolution, mainly characterized by a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, makes full use of information and communication technology and virtual systems in cyberspace to establish higher productivity, production methods and economic forms. Jieka flexible intelligent robot has rich secondary development interfaces and big data interaction interfaces, which can integrate various sensing equipment and information equipment, help enterprises realize data intelligence sharing, and drive enterprises’ digital transformation.

For example, in the SMT placement process in the 3C electronics industry, although the intelligent storage system has become popular, the production line still needs to manually go to the warehouse to extract raw materials. Human eye discrimination is not only prone to errors, but also has a low degree of digitization, making it difficult to synchronize inventory, and the congestion phenomenon of queuing and retrieving materials in multi-production lines often occurs. The Jieka Robot integrates 5G and AI technologies into the production line in a modular manner, completes the automatic distribution of raw materials, and connects through an automated system to integrate the fragmented workshop and warehouse information in the past to achieve accurate digital management and accelerate the industrial intelligence revolution.

Technology changes life and serves life. In line with the mission of “freeing hands with robots”, Jieka Robot is committed to transforming robots from “professional equipment” into “tools” that everyone can use freely, freeing people from mechanized, repetitive, and easily fatigued labor. Come out, use intelligent labor to promote the overall jump in productivity, and accelerate the transformation of global productivity and the reconstruction of production models.

1 billion yuan!Jieka Robot completed the D round of financing and became the largest financing company in the field of collaborative robots

Aysar Tayeb, Executive Managing Director of Prosperity7 Ventures, said: “We are delighted to join hands with Jieka Robot to drive global productivity reconfiguration. Human-machine interaction is playing an increasingly critical role in the Industry 4.0 era, and Prosperity7 Ventures will rely on Saudi Aramco. The global network and abundant resources support Jieka Robot to further expand its scale, expand the international market, and release the huge potential of robotics technology in shaping future trends.”

Published on 08/27/2022