2016 Shenzhen Robot Exhibition Preview

Exhibition introduction
following the thirdindustryAfter the revolution, the field of artificial intelligenceRobotIt continues to advance the process of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. “Industry 4.0” represented by robots and unmanned systems is an innovation in the field of technological revolution, and the conditions are becoming more and more mature. It is an important symbol for countries in the world to improve the “level of national economic intelligence”. As a national key science and technology promotion project, my country’s Robot industry is facing great opportunities and development space, and the market prospect will enter a golden development period in the next few years. China Shenzhen International Robotics held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on December 7-9, 2016exhibitionreferred to as “CNRU2016”, will be based on the theme of “Exhibiting Intelligent Technology and Industry Business Opportunities”. The exhibition will be based in Shenzhen and radiate around the world, making the exhibition the largest technology-based major in the robotics industry in China.Exhibitionthe exhibition will Display the latest cutting-edge products and technologies, fully reflecting the forward-looking and guiding characteristics. The exhibition will keep close to the market and help exhibitors promote mature robots and unmanned system products. The platform for cooperation and exchange is also a grand gathering for professionals and enthusiasts of the global intelligent technology industry.

2016 Shenzhen Robot Exhibition Preview
Exhibition advantages
Qualitative Change in Scale, Value Added by Clustering: HKTDC and AsiaautomationCooperate with the Robot Association to create the most professional industry application field top event
Professional creation of value: a centralized communication platform for industry leading manufacturers, user engineers and buyers, and professional organizations to operate and support. Professionalism generates strength and creates shadow effect; professionalism realizes depth and achieves practical results.
Be keen to discover new products: not only serve leading manufacturers, but also pay special attention to small and medium-sized enterprises, pay attention to the growth of domestic independent innovation enterprises, integrate exhibition, print media, website resources, public platforms, and focus on recommending new products and new technologies of exhibitors.
Resource broadcasting and deep cultivation: Integrate media resources, take into account the breadth and depth, and provide three-dimensional services for exhibitors from the perspective of the exhibition, the coverage of the exhibition period, and the follow-up after the exhibition.
Interactive communication of exhibitions: Through multiple on-site authoritative forums—publish or listen to hot topics such as industry orientation, market trends, and technological frontiers, share experiences, and get in touch with high-end people.
Exhibition value
●Location advantage:
The sea is open to all rivers, pursues excellence, and keeps pace with the times – advancing with the “city”. Shenzhen is an important economic and trade hub in Guangdong. With the unique manufacturing advantages of the “Pearl River Delta”, new products, new materials and new technologies will be pushed to the whole of China and the world faster here.
●Guarantee of exhibiting value:
Professional exhibition team, professional channels to obtain accurate data of buyers, established an advanced and complete buyer invitation system, to ensure the quality and quantity of visitors, to realize the value of your exhibition, to help you develop more potential customers, and to use the company’s huge database Focus on sending invitations to industry professionals at home and abroad, and join associations and domestic and foreign industry organizations with expert purchasing groups;
●Overseas cooperation:
The exhibition has established long-term cooperative relations with industry organizations, brand enterprises, international media and overseas exhibition organizers and companies in the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Australia, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions to attract more overseas enterprises. Group to come to the exhibition to visit.
●Strong publicity:
More than 300 industry mainstream media and end-user authoritative media around the world promote the exhibition; many well-known industry exhibitions around the world organize exhibitions and publicity tours to enhance the international influence of CNRU2016; including direct mail, telemarketing, trade matching, advertising, news coverage, roadshows Activities, pre-exhibition product pushes and online platforms, etc., help exhibitors obtain more and more extensive cooperation opportunities through the exhibition, and comprehensively enhance the visibility and influence of the exhibition.
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Published on 09/17/2022