2020 Q3 Kuaibao Market Research Report: Smart Thermostats, Disinfection Robots, Oximeters, etc. Become Hot Selling Solutions, Certified Service Providers Are Easier to Gain Business

With the gradual calm of the epidemic product solution market, which is desperate for quick success, solution providers will return to the product itself, and the demand for electronic solutions has shown new changes. The data of Kuaibao market research mainly comes from the search and inquiry of the solution supermarket on the I Love Solution Network platform, as well as the project demand released by Kuaibao and the bidding participation of solution providers. The trend analysis in this issue comes from platform operating data for the third quarter of 2020. (Download the full report: http://www.52solution.com/news/80050210)

2020 Q3 Kuaibao Market Research Report: Smart Thermostats, Disinfection Robots, Oximeters, etc. Become Hot Selling Solutions, Certified Service Providers Are Easier to Gain Business

I love the solution network platform data Display, smart home,Robot, The demand for solutions in the IoT field has increased, mainly including smart thermostats, smart agricultural irrigation, face infrared detection, and smart robots. In addition, devices such as nail oximeters, smart bracelets, shared charging cables and other devices related to daily home health are still popular.

Kuaibao market research believes that in the process of continuous emergence of intelligent products, standardization and simplification have become new requirements in the solution demand market. Users want to use stable and easy-to-use smart products, while traditional manufacturers want to quickly realize product intelligence. At present, more and more solution providers are paying attention to this aspect. I love the golden member of the solution network and the CLP certified company – Tuya Smart’s products are very popular in the solution supermarket, which also confirms this from the data.

Smart thermostats, disinfection robots, oximeters, etc. are highly searched

Search data is an important indicator of the trend of I Love Solutions.com’s solutions. It counts the data that users visit and browse after entering keywords in the search box to search for the solutions they are interested in. We counted the data from July 1st to September 20th. The average number of solution searches exceeded 16,000 per day. Among them, smart home, robotics, health care and other fields were at the top, and smart agricultural irrigation entered the hot search for the first time. TOP keywords are distributed in smart thermostats, disinfection robots, nail oximeters, smart bracelets, etc.

2020 Q3 Kuaibao Market Research Report: Smart Thermostats, Disinfection Robots, Oximeters, etc. Become Hot Selling Solutions, Certified Service Providers Are Easier to Gain Business


Daily demand for home health products

Inquiry data is another important data indicator of the I Love Solution Network platform. Inquiry refers to the behavior of registered users of the platform to initiate consultation with the solution provider on the solution they are interested in. The solution provider must open a solution supermarket store, upload the solution and technical specifications, and then wait for the inquiry.

Through the analysis of the plan inquiry data, Kuaibao market research found that home and health products gradually occupy the focus of the plan’s demand. These products are characterized by convenient use in daily households, and some medical products can also respond to health checks while maintaining health checks. emergencies. It can be seen that everyone’s awareness of health has increased significantly.

Platform requirements promote program iteration

Solution providers continue to innovate, change market consumption habits, and consumers pursue better products, constantly promoting solution providers to improve products and build high-quality brands.

In order to easily and intuitively understand the needs of platform users, we conducted data analysis on 2,000 recent needs. Through the distribution of hot words in project names, we calculated the top 50 keywords that appeared frequently. The following is the tag cloud map of popular projects on the platform: It was found that smart watches, oximeters, air purification, face recognition, human infrared, shared charging, image recognition, air purification, etc. appeared more frequently. These requirements are basically the same as the solution areas that are popularly searched by solution supermarkets. The technologies required in the Internet of Things, smart home, security monitoring and other fields are basically covered.

In addition, keywords such as thermostat, smart property, sweeping Robot, waterproof bracelet, smart lock, and PLC become more and more. These technologies are mainly related to health care,industryApplication fields such as electronics, communications, radio and television are also some of the application fields with the highest platform demand. There is a continuous demand for solutions in these fields, and continuous technical investment in these fields can better meet the needs of platform employers and bring products to market as soon as possible.

The standardization trend of the technical solution market has also shown a new form of driving solution demand. The demand side pays more and more attention to the standardization, process and mass production of the program. In addition, higher requirements are placed on the technical qualifications, certification testing and stability of the finished product. Most of the best-selling solutions on the I Love Solution Network platform have these related characteristics.

Looking for solutions on the I Love Solution Network, as the influence of the platform increases, more and more mature solution providers choose to cooperate with the I Love Solution Network, settle in and open corporate stores, and upload their key solutions to the solution supermarket. This win-win cooperation method has further promoted the growth of platform demand, the user’s access data has continued to increase, the solutions of the solution providers have also received a lot of exposure, and the number of inquiries has reached a new high. We also expect more solution providers to enter the platform to provide the demander with more options.

Published on 10/09/2022