2022 AVEVA PI System China User Conference will be held in Nanjing to stimulate industrial creativity and move forward with “numbers”

AVEVA, a global engineering and industrial software leader, announced that the 2022 AVEVA PI System China User Conference will be held in Nanjing from October 13th to 14th. This is the first AVEVA PI System user conference held in China since AVEVA Jianwei Software acquired OSIsoft. At that time, AVEVA will discuss innovation and transition, practice and ideological methodology in the field of industrial software with industry partners.

Wan Shiping, general manager of AVEVA Jianwei Software China, said: “Today, the digital economy is developing rapidly, has a wide range of radiation, and has a deep impact. The scale of China’s digital economy has jumped to the second largest in the world, and it is ushering in a critical period of innovation and development. Only Only by giving full play to the advantages of massive data and rich application scenarios can we continue to strengthen, optimize and expand the digital economy. AVEVA has always attached great importance to empowering the ecosystem and jointly creating a green and low-carbon digital future. We It is hoped that through the AVEVA PI System China User Conference, leading enterprises from the energy, chemical, manufacturing, transportation and other industries will be assembled to explore more possibilities of digital innovation, so as to support enterprises to think in a digital way, and help improve efficiency, agility and resilience. to achieve sustainable development.”

  Activate the potential of data and accelerate the development of the industrial interconnected economy

The important value of data elements is highlighted in China’s “14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development”. In the context of profound changes in the development situation of China’s digital economy, data elements are an important starting point for promoting high-quality economic development. Now, the new industrial revolution has begun. The Industrial Internet is an important cornerstone of the new industrial revolution, and data is the accelerator of the interconnected industrial economy.

Cui Jingyi, general manager of AVEVA Jianwei Software’s China Operations Product Business Department, pointed out that while digital technology provides support for industrial users, it will generate a large amount of data and computing, transmission, and processing requirements. Driven by the development of the digital economy, enterprises have accumulated a large amount of valuable data re

Published on 11/22/2022