2022CES will be exciting, Xinhuanet will continue to pay attention to Purdue Robot

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The 2022 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be held from the 5th to the 7th of this month. Affected by the new crown epidemic last year, CES was held in a virtual form online. This year, it will resume the form of a physical exhibition. The new crown epidemic in the United States is still very serious. This year, exhibitors have overcome many difficulties to be able to participate in the exhibition site.

Many well-known authoritative media in China, such as Xinhuanet, are very concerned about the development of CES, especially the dynamics of Chinese enterprises at the exhibition. From January 7th to January 9th, Xinhuanet reported the relevant situation of CES for three consecutive days, in which Purdue Technology appeared in the report and was highlighted by Xinhuanet.

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As the report said, “Because of the impact of the epidemic, Purdue Technology has only been able to do business remotely in China in the past two years. Although the business has doubled for six consecutive years, everyone feels that it can do better in such a vast international market. CES is It is a good stage for Chinese innovative enterprises to show their strength and set sail to the sea. On the first day of the exhibition, a large number of interested customers were obtained, and everything they paid was worth it.”

As an industry-leading commercialservice RobotPurdueRobotAt CES 2022, it has also attracted the attention of audiences around the world. At the Purdue Technology booth, people observed and experienced various robots such as “Happy Delivery” and “Bella”. As a representative product of Purdue Technology’s official development in the field of commercial cleaning, “CC1” was also unveiled at the exhibition for the first time. This is the first time that “CC1” has revealed its true face overseas. “CC1” integrates multiple functions such as washing, sweeping, pushing and suction, automatic water and sewage discharge, autonomous elevator ride, automatic gate crossing, and cross-floor operation, and is capable of cleaning different types of floors including hard floors and short-haired carpets. It is suitable for various scenarios such as office buildings, offices, residential public areas and industrial parks.

Technology has changed life

As the most influential consumer electronic technology exhibition, CES presents the latest technologies and products every year. Therefore, CES has also become the highlight of the global electronic technology field, leading the development trend of technology and products. Purdue Robot, together with well-known enterprises such as TCL and Hisense, as a representative enterprise of “Made in China” at the exhibition, demonstrated the hard-core strength of Chinese enterprises. In the report of Xinhuanet, the strength of Purdue Technology has been highly recognized.

With the development of technology, “Made in China” has begun to transform into “Made in China”. Purdue Robotics is committed to providing efficient and intelligent solutions for all walks of life, and using robots to improve the efficiency of human production and life. At present, Purdue Robot has spread its footprints in many countries and regions, and has become a partner of harmonious coexistence with human beings, working together to build a smart and bright future.

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Published on 08/27/2022