5G+VR successfully served in the 2019 Spring Festival Gala, is the spring of the VR industry coming?

5G+VR successfully served in the 2019 Spring Festival Gala, is the spring of the VR industry coming?

At the just-concluded 2019 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, smart robots, drones and other technological products were unveiled successively, and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, AR, and VR appeared frequently.

Among the series of “black technologies” that have performed on stage, some have already served in previous years, and some have appeared for the first time in this year’s Spring Festival Gala. Among them,The combination of 5G+VR is the first report that has not appeared before.

Since the beginning of the domestic VR start-up boom in 2014, my country’s VR industry has ushered in two major development booms with the entry of domestic and foreign Internet giants in 2016 and the strong support of the government in 2017, but then the sound was flat. Gradually enter a period of rational development.

At present, under the trend of gradually accelerating the commercialization of 5G, with the success of 5G in this Spring Festival Gala, the transmission of VR real-life content,Will the intervention of 5G, a new variable, bring new opportunities for the development of the VR industry? Is the spring of VR industry development approaching?

5G empowers VR, the transformation from hardware to content

At present, VR equipment generally has problems such as being too large and heavy, which cannot meet the needs of users to wear it for a long time.With the advent of 5G, 5G has an ultra-high-speed transmission rate. Combined with cloud computing technology, most of the calculations can be completed in the cloud and quickly returned to the local to complete the interaction with the user. The VR terminal will no longer need strong local computing power.

The characteristics of cloud computing brought by 5G technology can not only greatly improve the computing power of VR equipment, but also save the hardware requirements of local storage and computing, greatly reduce the size and weight of the equipment, and make VR hardware The product form of the device has been improved, and it will likely become a portable product that can be worn for a long time.From bulky to lightweight, this is a change that 5G will bring to AR hardware, and it will go a long way toward improving the user experience.

In addition, in the process of wearing the current VR equipment, due to the existence of network delay problems, the content of the helmet wearer’s field of view will always be unable to keep up with the user’s perspective change, which will lead to strong dizziness when the user wears it for a long time.However, the high-speed and low-latency characteristics of 5G technology can effectively solve this problem, making the content switching speed in the field of view fit the adaptability of consumers.,Prevent dizziness during long-term wear.

Hardware lays the foundation for the development of the VR industry, but on top of the hardware, content production and delivery capabilities determine the height of the VR industry’s development.From 1G to 4G, the content form that people can quickly interact with through the network has undergone changes in voice, text, pictures, and short videos. With the advent of the 5G era, the production and transmission of VR content will generate large bandwidth, low latency, and large bandwidth. The communication capability requirement of computing volume is just the characteristic of 5G communication technology.

VR content will be redefined, breaking through the previous limitations and developing towards three-dimensional, multi-dimensional and multi-directional interaction.Nowadays, the mode of remote interaction between people through the network is mostly realized through smartphones. Most of the time, the goal is achieved through one-way interaction between voice or fingers and the screen, but in fact, the most ideal mode of human-computer interaction is Human-space interaction.

In the future, with the further development of VR technology, combined with the development of AR, MR, holographic imaging and other technologies, with the support of specific hardware devices, not only can it be separated from the screen, but also can realize personal and virtual objects in natural space through voice, gestures Even multi-dimensional interactions such as facial expressions. Realize the transmission of information in a richer and diverse content form, and further expand the flexibility and freedom of interaction.

When the VR industry develops, domestic companies need to curb their optimism

From the perspective of 5G industry development, the Chinese government plans to achieve 5G commercial use before 2020, and operators hope to advance this timetable to the second half of this year.At present, the third stage of the 5G R&D test in my country has basically been completed. With the successful completion of the 5G program transmission service in Shenzhen and other venues this Spring Festival Gala, I believe thatThe pace of the development of the domestic 5G industry is expected to further accelerate, and the possibility of 5G commercialization in some regions is extremely high in the second half of this year.

As the most important application field of eMBB under the three major application scenarios of 5G, with the gradual opening of the 5G commercial market, VR is bound to usher in a new industrial revolution again, and the VR industry is once again surging or not far away.But as for when spring will come, I am afraid that domestic enterprises should not be too optimistic.

Overall, although the development of 5G technology has brought new variables to the development of my country’s VR industry and injected new development momentum, in view of the inherent limitations of my country’s VR industry and the impact of the general economic downturn, my country’s VR industry Industrial development still needs a period of intensive cultivation.

It will take some time for the VR industry to prosper in the spring of the industry, and some companies need to beware of being frozen to death in the severe cold moment before the spring.

Published on 09/15/2022