A Spanish brothel will launch a sex robot service

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: When Japan’s inflatable dolls are getting more and more sultry and people can’t bear to look away, some people have begun to inject soul into these beautiful and graceful dolls – writing AI implants to make them transform become sexRobot. In the face of new types of partners in the future, many scholars have open opinions and believe that sex robots can help reduce crime rates and eradicate sexually transmitted diseases.

According to Taiwan media reports, some people may be worried that in the future, interested people may use sex robots to do immoral things such as pedophilia and rape, psychotherapist and sex counselor Ian. Ian Kerner was noncommittal about this. “Whether the release of people’s forbidden desires through sex robots is to breed dark fantasies in the heart or a safe detoxification channel, I am afraid only time will tell us.”

A Spanish brothel will launch a sex robot service

In April, the first sex Robot with emotions will hit the market.

However, many scholars are optimistic that the advent of sex robots can reduce sexual crimes. John Danaher, a scholar at the National University of Ireland Galway, claimed that robots will subvert the current sex industry, replace human prostitutes, and help eradicate crimes such as sexually transmitted diseases and human trafficking.

Sex robots may also be a solution to pedophilia, and some experts believe that child-shaped sex robots will eventually emerge, but they could be an important treatment for pedophilia. Ron Arkin, director of the Mobile Robotics Laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology, mentioned at a conference on robotics ethics that “using child-shaped robots to treat pedophilia is like we use methadone to treat drug addiction.”

In the future, artificial intelligence will become more and more advanced, and human’s attitude towards sex robots may be reversed again. When the Robot is extremely human-like, is the “it” at this time a prop to relieve desire, or a precious artificial life? Sooner or later humanity will face this problem.

A Spanish brothel will launch a sex robot service

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Published on 09/17/2022