ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition ended successfully on October 21

  1. The ABB Cup Smart Technology Innovation Competition ended successfully, and the list of winners was released
  2. Feel the charm of innovation and challenge application problems, and the outstanding performance of the players is highly recognized
  3. Focus on intelligent equipment motion control and robot application software development, and cheer for the new generation of intelligent manufacturing

The 2022 ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition ended successfully today after half a year. A total of 688 students and 275 teams from 144 universities and vocational colleges across the country participated in the challenge group – B&R Motion Control Challenge Future Competition and Competitive Group ——Two groups of competitions for intelligent robot application software development competition. After fierce competition, 66 participating teams stood out, achieved good results, won bonuses and had the opportunity to interview through train. Congratulations to the award-winning students and instructors, and thanks to the judges and partners!

ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition ended successfully on October 21

As China enters the stage of high-quality development, promotes new industrialization, and accelerates the construction of a manufacturing powerhouse, it puts forward more urgent requirements for cultivating future-oriented compound innovative talents and new engineering application talents. ABB and the Chinese Society of automation jointly build a competition platform to stimulate the innovation enthusiasm and creative potential of young students, encourage multi-disciplinary integration, apply advanced technology tools, solve Industrial field problems, exercise engineering thinking and practical ability, and cultivate future intelligent manufacturing field. High-level new forces help.

Challenge group winning results

B&R Motion Control Challenges the Future of Games

The challenge of this challenge group takes the AGV car as the controlled object, and examines the level of the contestants’ programming and control of the drive motor and steering mechanism, path planning and performance optimization. Competitors combine PLC control, algorithm programming, digital twin, virtual debugging and other technologies to design and debug systems, and maximize work efficiency, operation accuracy, and energy utilization by optimizing motion control algorithms and path design.

ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition ended successfully on October 21

More than 150 people from 53 teams from 38 universities across the country participated in the challenge group competition. The organizing committee conducted a comprehensive review of the project analysis and architecture design, modeling of control objects, programming, simulation test results, thesis standards and specifications, etc. A total of 17 teams were shortlisted for the finals. After a whole day of intense defense and strict The competition will finally decide the awards.

ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition ended successfully on October 21

The two teams from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Henan University of Technology were unanimously recognized by the jury in terms of professionalism, advanced methods, engineering specifications and standardization, team division and cooperation, and on-site defense expression, and won the Grand Prize. 18 teams from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics won the first, second and third prizes and the organization award respectively. The detailed list of winners is as follows:

ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition ended successfully on October 21

“Students in this competition have solid professional knowledge, have a broad understanding of problem-solving methods, and can analyze and judge specific application scenarios, and select appropriate methods and tools. Simulation, programming, and testing have demonstrated good engineering thinking. It is also very standardized and standard in terms of documentation. We are very happy to see that this competition has really achieved the effect we expected, and we are also delighted to see the progress of engineering education in colleges and universities, which has cultivated good seedlings of outstanding engineers for the industry.”

——Dr. Yu Rongrong

Challenge group defense judge expert

B&R China Technical Director

“The students in this competition have demonstrated excellent ability to solve complex problems in the aspect of mechanical and electrical collaborative design, and can effectively decompose problems, structure software and processes, combine system analysis and design based on a business perspective, and put forward more new ideas. The possibility and the direction of solving the problem really impressed the judges.”

——Mr. Song Zhaolun

Defense Judge, MapleSoft Application Engineer

Athletics group winning results

Intelligent Robot Application Software Development Competition

The title of the competition in the competition group is “Secondary Development of New Energy Photovoltaic Silicon Wafer Intelligent Equipment”. Starting from solving the problems of actual on-site engineering projects, it examines the ability of using Robot application software to develop and innovate in specific application scenarios. Contestants must complete the development and application innovation of the application software of the photovoltaic cell string module robot typesetting system, so as to further increase the stability, efficiency and convenience of the robot system operation, so as to realize the optimization of the production process and the improvement of efficiency.

ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition ended successfully on October 21

More than 220 teams and more than 530 people from 106 colleges and vocational schools across the country participated in the competition in the competitive group. The panel of judges evaluated and scored the functional interface views, typography adjustments, production data monitoring, preventive maintenance, event logs, and innovative features developed by the contestants. In the end, five teams from Hunan Railway Vocational and Technical College, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences, Neijiang Vocational and Technical College and Guangzhou Engineering and Technology Vocational College won the first prize, and the other 41 teams won the second and third prizes respectively. Awards and Organization Awards. The detailed list of winners is as follows:

ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition ended successfully on October 21

“We are very happy to see that the participating students actively participated in the competition counseling and regular online exchanges, put forward many innovative ideas, and actively learned about photovoltaic industry information, found the pain points in the production process, and abstracted them into software functions to solve them. The competition platform It provides students with practical opportunities to use the knowledge they have learned to solve problems in real scenarios, and hopes that students can experience the charm of technology and discover the beauty of intelligence through the competition.”

– Ye Hui

Competitive judges expert

Head of ABB Robotics School-Enterprise Cooperation Project

A global education survey by ABB this year found that as the workplace of the future becomes increasingly connected and automated, current skills education and training are no longer sufficient for this trend, with 80% of respondents believing that robotics and automation will be the future A decade has reshaped the job market, yet only a quarter of educational institutions currently use Robots in teaching programs.

In China, ABB has cooperated with the Ministry of Education and channel partners to carry out teacher training and textbook development for vocational colleges, co-authored more than 200 textbooks, and provided schools with RobotStudio for schools to realize digital teaching innovation in intelligent manufacturing. ABB has promoted robotics courses in nearly 1,000 vocational colleges across the country, with more than 30,000 students graduating each year. With the establishment of robotics majors more widely in Chinese colleges and universities, ABB has also increasingly participated in scientific research projects in Chinese universities, and supported cutting-edge academic research by cooperating with research groups.

ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition ended successfully on October 21

The annual ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition is an important measure of ABB to support the cultivation of new forces in innovative and applied intelligent manufacturing. After the start of this year’s competition, in addition to providing free software tools and guidance materials for the contestants, the organizing committee also organized seven online live Q&A activities, and invited technical experts to analyze the competition questions and provide technical training for the students, creating a strong atmosphere atmosphere of innovation, practice and collaboration.

The ABB Cup Intelligent Technology Innovation Competition is jointly sponsored by ABB and the Chinese Society of Automation.

“Young talents are an important force to promote the development of innovative technologies. The Chinese Society of Automation pays attention to international multi-cooperation and domestic counterpart cooperation, focuses on industrial upgrading and core technologies, adheres to innovation-driven open exchanges, and continuously promotes the development of in-depth integration of production, education, research and application. Through joint cooperation with ABB By holding the innovation competition, we hope to help the younger generation temper innovative thinking, improve practical ability, understand cutting-edge technologies, and cultivate and deliver more innovative talents for the development of the industry.”

——Dr. Zhang Nan

Secretary General of Chinese Society of Automation

From 2005 to the present, the ABB Innovation Competition has been iteratively upgraded in the past 17 years, attracting more than 20,000 contestants. development, enabling the digital transformation and high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

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Published on 05/13/2023