ABB participates in the “Walking Davos” event to share the concept of green development

  1. Representatives of ABB and other Chinese and foreign enterprises attended the meeting with leaders of Beijing Municipal Party Committee Secretary Cai Qi and others
  2. Kang Liang, General Manager of ABB (China) Co., Ltd. delivered a speech, expressing his confidence in long-term cultivation in China
  3. As a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, ABB is actively committed to driving innovation and sustainable development

On August 23, “Walking Davos” entered the sub-center of Beijing city. A total of 61 companies including ABB and 105 entrepreneurs participated in the event online and offline. Cai Qi, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, met with representatives of Chinese and foreign enterprises participating in the event; Chen Jining, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, and China’s Special Envoy on Climate Change Xie Zhenhua also met.

Cai Qi welcomed the arrival of representatives of Chinese and foreign enterprises and thanked everyone for their support for Beijing’s development. He said that the World Economic Forum invites multinational companies to visit various places in the way of “Walking Davos” to build a platform for ideological collision, exchange and cooperation, and will play an important role in jointly coping with the challenges of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and promoting the recovery and development of the world economy. positive effects. I hope that everyone will give full play to their advantages to participate in and support the green and low-carbon development of Beijing, and at the same time reduce the carbon emissions of their own enterprises, drive the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to save energy and protect the environment.

Kang Liang, General Manager of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the event. In the government-enterprise exchange meeting, he introduced the latest development of ABB in China, as well as the concept of enabling the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry with digital innovation and promoting sustainable development. I would like to express my gratitude to the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and the National Development and Reform Commission for their long-term support to ABB.

The release of the “Double Carbon” target provides huge business opportunities for Chinese and foreign companies. As the world’s only “Double Olympics” city, Beijing has been integrating the concept of green and low-carbon into its development and construction, leading the integrated high-quality development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. Kang Liang introduced the latest progress of ABB in the fields of smart manufacturing, smart energy, smart transportation and smart city at the exchange meeting, as well as application cases in the infrastructure of the Winter Olympics, Tongzhou sub-center, Daxing International Airport and Beijing urban rail transit .

ABB views sustainability as part of creating value for customers and society. ABB companies are actively promoting green and low-carbon development with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality in their own operations by 2030. At present, three ABB companies in Beijing have been selected as “green factories” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. Among them, Beijing ABB Low Voltage Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is also recognized as a carbon neutral factory, and Beijing ABB Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. is recognized as a foreign-funded R&D center.

Talking about the future development in China, Kang Liang said:

China is the second largest market for ABB Group in the world. Beijing is an important place for ABB’s development in China. ABB is confident in its long-term development in China and Beijing. We are very proud to be China’s sustainable development partner, and will continue to increase investment in research and development, digital technology and intelligent manufacturing in Beijing, and continue to innovate, for Beijing’s green and high-quality development, and for the realization of China’s “dual carbon” goal make greater contributions.

“Walking Davos”

It is a government-enterprise exchange and cooperation platform established by the National Development and Reform Commission and the World Economic Forum in 2020 to cope with the impact of the epidemic. Foreign trade has enhanced the confidence of multinational companies to invest and develop in local areas, and effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of local industries and high-quality economic development.

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Published on 09/09/2022