Additive cloud platform helps domestic 3D printing equipment realize cross-border remote operation and maintenance!

In March 2019, Okayama, Japan, the first casting sand mold made in China for export3D printingThe machine has completed the installation and commissioning and is ready to start its first sand printing task. This is the first casting sand mold 3D printing equipment sold to foreign enterprises since Sharing Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. independently developed a 3D printer to promote the Industrial application of foundry 3D printing.

Japanese customers highly recognize products based on the “3D printing +” process, but for the sake of long-term consideration, how to maintain this 3D printer? Can the equipment run unattended, and can the status of the equipment be monitored at any time? The operation and maintenance team is far away in China, how to quickly solve the sudden equipment failure? Can equipment failure be warned in advance? Can historical actions be retrospectively queried? How to efficiently manage equipment parts? Therefore, it is hoped that the equipment manufacturer can realize remote operation and maintenance of this equipment.

Facing the needs of Japanese customers for remote operation and maintenance of equipment, Shared Intelligent Equipment relies on the additive cloud platform to create a remote operation and maintenance service model for 3D printing equipment. Through the connection of equipment, data collection, and uploading to the cloud platform, business data integration is realized, and data channels between people, equipment, and systems are opened up for efficient collaboration.

Additive cloud-remote operation and maintenance platform provides customers with real-time monitoring of equipment data, video monitoring, fault alarm, fault diagnosis, equipment management, data analysis, operation and maintenance reports, remote guidance, and one-click bill of lading through online services on the Web and App. , Maintenance and other services. Help users reduce costs, shorten equipment management cycles, and improve equipment operating efficiency.

Additive cloud platform helps domestic 3D printing equipment realize cross-border remote operation and maintenance!

The additive cloud platform has established a remote operation and maintenance scenario for equipment across regions and borders, when the equipment is maintained and sold. Equipment maintenance and after-sales service are no longer restricted by different places and multinationals. After long-term and in-depth cooperation, this Japanese customer has become an agent of shared intelligent equipment casting sand mold 3D printing equipment. With the escort of the additive cloud-remote operation and maintenance platform, more “China-made” foundry sand mold 3D printing equipment continues to go abroad, leading the green and intelligent development of the foundry industry.

Up to now, the Additive Cloud-remote operation and maintenance platform has connected more than 400 sets of various equipment such as 3D printing. Through the application of the remote operation and maintenance platform, the response speed of equipment maintenance and after-sales service has increased by 67% (from 3 days to 1 day), the failure rate of equipment has decreased by 10%, the cost of equipment maintenance has decreased by 10%, and the overall stability of equipment has increased by 10%. above.

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Published on 12/28/2022