After 4 years of layout, SF Express has become the first demonstration enterprise of drone logistics in China

After 4 years of layout, SF Express has become the first demonstration enterprise of drone logistics in China

OFweekRobotIn recent years, the civil unmanned aerial vehicle system has developed rapidly, and all countries in the world have issued policies to support the development of the civil unmanned aerial vehicle industry.

On June 21, the application for the airspace of the logistics drone demonstration operation zone jointly declared by SF Express and Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province was approved by the Eastern Theater Command, becoming the only one in China that has been officially approved, and is approved by enterprises, central regulatory authorities and local governments. The demonstration airspace jointly promoted by the government covers five townships in Nankang District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province. SF Express has been authorized by the policy as the only logistics company to conduct pilot logistics operation flights in the region.

On June 29, SF Express carried out the “Shunfeng and Ganzhou Nankang District Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Express Delivery to the Countryside Poverty Alleviation Project Phased Results Report” on this work, and signed a cooperation agreement with the Ganzhou Nankang District Government. So far, SF’s drones have truly entered the front line of the logistics business. After obtaining the airspace license, Yin Shijun, chief engineer of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, also suggested that SF Express actively seek for a franchise license and a commercial operation license. SF Express told Tencent Technology that it is implementing relevant work.

Afterwards, SF Express and the Nankang District Government held a signing ceremony. Nankang District Mayor and Deputy Secretary of the District Committee He Shanjin, CTO of SF Group and Tian Min, CEO of SF Technology jointly signed a logistics drone industry cooperation agreement. Yin Shijun said that the UAV industry will have great achievements. The cooperation between SF Logistics UAV and Nankang District is a good start. The Civil Aviation Administration will also consider how to support the development of the UAV industry from the perspective of not affecting aviation safety. , SF Express’s application in the field of logistics has gone a step further. At the same time, he also expressed hope to SF Express, “demand-driven, first-hand trial, gradual accumulation, and support for future development.”

It is reported that SF Express has launched a variety of models this time, covering different business scenarios, with a maximum payload of 5-25 kilograms and a maximum payload flight distance of 15-100 kilometers. Regarding the development of UAV logistics, the relevant person in charge of SF Express stated that, as a relatively influential technological innovation enterprise in China’s logistics industry, SF Express has established a UAV project team dedicated to the research and development of UAV systems for specific purposes in the logistics industry. Based on the completed and accumulated research and development results of its UAV system, as well as the accumulation of parameters in the preliminary trial operation, SF Express will continue to experiment and operate the logistics UAV system.

According to the data, at the end of 2012, SF Express began to find solutions for the application of UAVs in the logistics field, and carried out the construction of the core capabilities of logistics UAVs in accordance with the Group’s strategic plan in various ways such as joint ventures, investment, and self-research. So far, SF Express has obtained 151 patents in the field of drones.

In the future, the airport that SF Express plans to build in Ezhou, Hubei will be positioned as a core hub in China and the world, which can be combined with regional centers and can cover major economically developed areas in China. By 2025, SF Express’s manned fleet is expected to exceed 100. This helps to further develop air cargo to economically underdeveloped areas, remote areas, and western regions, and drone logistics has become an important choice.

Zhao Xiaomin, an expert in the express delivery industry, believes that the future direction of SF Express is to sink routes to third-, fourth-, and fifth-tier cities to form an air transport network. A large number of e-commerce companies going to the countryside need to use this kind of infrastructure to build a rapid circulation system for goods and agricultural and sideline products; local governments also need to have transportation for medical, medicine and emergency disaster relief; in addition, they can also use this network to do Some other general aviation transportation.

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Published on 08/31/2022