After the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, what exactly is Hyundai Motor’s robotics program doing?

At the “CES 2022” exhibition held in Las Vegas, the United States on January 5, Hyundai Motor released its “Expanding Human Reach” as the theme.Robotand future plans for the metaverse realm.

Focusing on “RoboticsVision”, Hyundai Motor will go beyond the scope of traditional transportation companies to realize the corporate vision of developing a remote control technology system in the real world and the metaverse. The biggest highlight of the meeting was Hyundai Motor’s proposal that in the future, it is expected to cooperate with Boston Dynamics to allow the Robot dog Spot and the humanoid Robot ATLAS to participate in the construction of the metaverse virtual world.

Robot + Metaverse

Robot + Metaverse SolvedVirtual-to-Reality Experience and MobilityThe problem.

The Metaverse frees human beings from the space in the physics room, integrates and shares the newly upgraded sensory world, and looks forward to bringing people endless freedom of behavior. But in such a virtual world, not only the sense of picture is needed, but also the experience of touch and smell. At the same time,People are in the metaverse, and some achievements and activities can be manifested in reality.

But the difference is that Hyundai does not emphasize the self-growth of robots, butEmphasize carrier.

That is, in the virtual VR world, the robot will become an extension of the human experiencer, becoming eyes, ears and other sensory organs. It can go to the wisps of fragrance sent by the breeze by the lotus pond to help humans achieve a deeper and more immersive experience. . It also allows everyone to reach their goals thousands of miles away, or to experience an illusory world that never existed.tamobility (meta-traffic travel), such as reaching Mars, the seabed that the human body may not be able to bear.

Hyundai believes that the metaverse will be more helpful for the control and interaction of robots, such as humans entering the metaverse, incarnating assmart robot, feeding pets at home and picking one up, or allowing experts to remotely control the robot to detect the actual operation of the equipment on the construction site and implement maintenance.This makesWhile Hyundai attaches great importance to obtaining information from robots, it is also looking forward to remote control technology.

“Based on excellent automation technology, humans are expected to develop more solutions, metamobility is undoubtedly an important expansion. ” said Euisun Chung, Executive Chairman of Hyundai Group. Under this general direction,Robot + metaverse is undoubtedly a concept that can achieve more diversified integration.

▍Automobile robot

Hyundai Motor Group has launched the metaverse game “Hyundai Mobility Adventure” on the metaverse platform Roblox as early as October 2021. This game is a collectively shared virtual space where different users can meet and communicate through the game. At the same time, players can use specific digital characters to experience Hyundai Motor’s mobility products and services.

Traditionally, we believe that the maturity of the Metaverse and its prototype products is often quantified from eight dimensions: hardware, network layer, computing power, virtual platform, protocols and standards, payment methods, content, services and assets, and consumer behavior. But from the current point of view, the realization conditions of the metaverse are still far from being achieved, which also requires other technical conditions to support, such as 5G, 6G or even higher-speed network transmission, stronger computing power, more wearables equipment and cloud computing, so that 10,000 people can be on the same screen and the same server around the world, and provide a better immersive experience.

But Hyundai believes that,The core purpose of the metaverse is not to be completely virtual, but to link in various ways.The carrier of the virtual and reality link may be a car or any moving object or robot. For example, automobiles, wearable exoskeleton devices, and various mobile robots are aimed at realizing the continuous extension of human experience, travel, and work needs for different purposes.

Therefore, Hyundai Motor acquired Boston Dynamics, the world’s top robot research and development company, from SoftBank in June 2021. Boston Dynamics has always been known for having the world’s top robot research and development capabilities. Hyundai Motor Group hopes to greatly enhance its strength in more fields and bring greater mobility by combining wearable technology, robotics technology and Boston Dynamics’ innovation capabilities. Possibly, it also proposes more directions for the technical link between virtual and reality.

Robots are undoubtedly a good delivery carrier,Through more sensors, it is expected to achieve a wider range of sensory information collection, and some specific work can also be carried out. This first requires a stronger mobile carrying capacity. According to Hyundai Motor’s point of view, the future Hyundai will use a new and upgraded intelligent robot created by technology.

As for this newly upgraded intelligent robot, it may be the robot dog Spot acquired by Hyundai Motor, the humanoid robot ATLAS, the Stretch in the factory, or simply a car. In modern view, the vehicle can not only be used as a means of transportation, but also can be turned into a company office or a 3D entertainment room.Is the center of data distribution and processing, or a comprehensive entry window into the metaverse.

It is worth mentioning that the concept of automotive robots is also prevalent during the 2022 CES. Jidu said at the meeting that automotive robots with L4 autonomous driving capabilities are expected to be launched in 2023. At the same time, the concept car of this product is expected to be officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2022. In December 2021, Baidu founder Robin Li proposed that Jidu’s automotive robots will run through the three major product concepts of “free movement, natural communication, and self-growth” in the future.

▍More advanced mobile robots

Not only around the concept of cars and robots, but also in the process of laying out the metaverse, Hyundai has also made some innovations and changes.

Modern discovery, mere robot seems to be insufficient in space experienceflexible and diverse. So this CES Hyundai also launched its new PnD (Plug & Drive) based on core robotics technology under the concept of “Mobility of Things (MoT)”module platform.

The new PnD platform aims to give everything mobilityA more versatile mobile robot.

Plug & Drive (PnD) and Drive & Lift (DnL) modular single-wheel platforms that can place anything Move autonomously.Interestingly, because the standard overall robot is generally composed of 4 unicycles driven by motors, in fact, the PnD service platform can be increased or decreased by percentage, and each robot individual supports intelligent operation and handle.applicationwhich means that it can brake manually and move fully automatically, which can also be seen in modern understanding of robot control.

“meThe core concept of tamobility is to greatly reduce indoor and outdoor space, time and distance. Chang-Hyeon Song, Head of Mobility Services Project at Hyundai Motor Company, said: “Intelligent robots will reconstruct and enrich human’s colorful daily life. “

Under this concept, Hyundai has drawn a blueprint for future travel solutions from small to large. PnD is not only made for travel, but also as a solution for people’s last mile indoor and outdoor transportation,Separate from the larger public transport system.

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Published on 10/01/2022