After VR and artificial intelligence, another “black technology” has entered the live broadcast industry

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Since 2016, live video streaming has gradually become one of the industries on the cusp of the Internet. In the turbulent Red Sea War, hundreds of live video platforms have introduced “black technology” one after another, trying to rely on technical means to break the increasingly serious homogeneity. To solve the dilemma, the phenomenon of integrating VR, AR, AlphaGo, artificial intelligence, and other high-tech and cutting-edge technologies into live broadcasts is also emerging one after another.

Entering 2017, the live broadcast industry has entered a state of relatively flat development, but the breakthrough of “technology” is still relied on by the live broadcast industry.A few days ago, following the live broadcast of Huajiao “SmartRobot“After that, Qiqi Live, a subsidiary of Qiju Technology, also announced that it will launch a smart hardware product, claiming that the product can realize the user’s wish to “touch” the anchor through “black technology”.

After VR and artificial intelligence, another “black technology” has entered the live broadcast industry

It is reported that Qiqi Live is a live broadcast platform launched after Qiju Technology and Tencent reached an in-depth strategic cooperation. In China, Qiqi Live also followed a low-key “technical route” and invested a lot of energy in developing the first domestic VR show, which caused a sensation in the industry. Qiqi officially stated that the upcoming smart hardware, like VR, focuses on “reforming the interactive experience”, allowing users to interact with the host to break the screen boundaries and obtain a new interactive experience of “body” and “consciousness” extension. A few days ago, the physical map of the hardware has been exposed in the Qiqi live broadcast user group.

From the appearance, the appearance of this intelligent hardware is simple, but the internal structure is unknown. Where is the “intelligence” of such a seemingly simple machine, and how can it achieve the purpose of “touching” the anchor, Qiqi official No clear answer has been given yet. Many technicians in the live broadcast industry have analyzed that from the appearance, the most notable part of the hardware is the position of the hole below.industry3D projection technology in the field; the second is the Internet of Things technology, the user can generate physical stimulation to the anchor or the actual environment where the anchor is located through remote computer operation.

Up to now, Qiqi live broadcast official has not responded to any of these speculations. At present, the smart hardware is scheduled to be officially released on Qiqi live broadcast official platform on April 17. Is it worthy of the name of “black technology”? , and provide ideas for the technological breakthrough of the live broadcast industry, and only then will it be verified.

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Published on 09/04/2022