Ali artificial intelligence you don’t know: 618 robot customer service helps a single store earn 100 million

Ali artificial intelligence you don’t know: 618 robot customer service helps a single store earn 100 million

OFweekRobotNet News Ma Yunjia’s artificial intelligence has shown its edge again – yesterday afternoon, the first intelligent hardware product “Tmall Genie X1” under Alibaba Artificial Laboratory was officially released in Beijing, and the attention was instantly bursting.

But if you think that Ali’s artificial intelligence only has “Tmall Genie”, then you are wrong.

Before Double 11 in 2016, Alibaba officially released the artificial intelligence customer service Robot “Ali Xiaomi”, which handled over 90% of service requests during the Double 11. In March this year, the sister version of Ali Xiaomi, the artificial intelligence customer service Robot “Dian Xiaomi” specially developed for Ali merchants, was officially launched. In the past three months, 100,000 merchants have been equipped with “DianXiaomi” and entered the era of artificial intelligence services.

During the Tmall 618 period that just passed, 15,000 Tmall merchants were assigned to “shop Xiaomi” during the event, and the transactions brought by the robot service in Tmall stores of Suning, Xiaomi and other merchants exceeded 100 million. With the addition of artificial intelligence, new retail services are ushering in a “smart” change.

The small goal of the robot customer service: “Help him earn 100 million first”

“Set a small goal first, such as earning him 100 million yuan” – just past Tmall 618, Ali’s artificial intelligence customer service took the lead in helping some merchants achieve this small goal.

Only 3 months after the official release, during the 618 period, “Dianxiaomi” has been employed by over 15,000 merchants at the venue, and has helped many merchants such as Suning and Xiaomi to achieve over 100 million transactions – only Suning Tmall flagship store is operated by “Dianxiaomi”. The single-store transaction brought by the “Mi” service reached 170 million. On the opening day of 618, “Dian Xiaomi” received more than 70,000 consumers for Suning stores.

The proportion of artificial intelligence robot customer service is also astonishing: on June 18, in more than 140 stores such as Xiaomi, Huawei Honor, Nike, Uniqlo, etc., robot services accounted for more than 90% – among which Xiaomi services accounted for more than the official flagship store of Uniqlo As high as 99.78%.

The transformation reached a new high, and the service effect competed with manual labor.

In the service field, the proportion of consumers who send inquiries to customer service and finally successfully place an order is an important indicator to measure the service effect. According to Tmall 618 data, in many industries, the proportion of transaction conversion brought by robot services has approached or even exceeded that of manual labor.

Taking Uniqlo’s Tmall flagship store as an example, on the day of June 18, the store’s Xiaomi service conversion was as high as 48%, which is equivalent to nearly half of the consumers who have consulted robots successfully placed orders. This figure has approached or even surpassed many manual customer service. Other stores such as American children’s clothing brand carters, urban beauty, C&A and many other stores are also above 40%.

In other industries, such as the Yoyomei flagship store in the food category, 51% of robot enquiries are converted, and intelligent services account for 95% of the total store services. Merchant service pressure can not only be effectively decomposed, but also optimize human energy and improve service quality more calmly.

Technology Inclusive Business, DianXiaomi creates an industry precedent

In addition to the research and development of hardware equipment such as the Tmall Genie X1, Alibaba also pays attention to the use of artificial intelligence for inclusive business, and “Dian Xiaomi”, which is committed to helping merchants to solve service pressures, was born immediately.

In March 2017, Xiaomi, the first artificial intelligence customer service robot developed by Alibaba for merchants, was officially released. Based on a large number of service data on the platform, Xiaomi Store has a set of basic knowledge bases. Honey can go to work.

Not only does the product parameters, models, activities and other issues refuse to come, but Xiaomi can also make intelligent recommendations based on user parameters, such as clothes and shoe sizes. On the eve of 618, a set of intelligently recommending related products was quietly released for testing. When the user’s willingness to purchase a specific product is clarified, DianXiaomi will recommend related products for users in a timely manner, which in turn drives the transaction of related products, and understands what users need better than manual customer service. , for accurate recommendation.

“Don’t let machines imitate humans, but let machines do things that humans can’t do.” In the service industry represented by manpower-intensive, machines can break through the limit of human reception to handle high concurrent requests, and can provide more information based on massive knowledge reserves. For accurate and more efficient services, artificial intelligence has great potential.

Ali artificial intelligence you don’t know: 618 robot customer service helps a single store earn 100 million

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Published on 08/27/2022