Anhui manufacturing layout industrial robots

Develop intelligent products, promote intelligent equipment, and promote intelligent production processes.In recent years, Anhui has fully implemented the “4105” action plan andMade in China 2025The Anhui chapter is a breakthrough, vigorously developing high-end manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, and the pace of leaping from a large manufacturing province to a powerful manufacturing province has accelerated significantly.

  The steel giant is turning

On August 15, 2016, the G8041 train equipped with Maanshan Iron and Steel EMU wheels departed from Dalian North Station to Shenyang Station.

In the past 14 months, Maanshan Iron and Steel Wheel has traveled 400,000 kilometers safely with Chinese standard EMUs, and has successively completed test assessments such as whole vehicle tests, scientific experiments, no-load operation, and simulated load operation. All indicators meet the standard specifications and Application requirements.

Anhui manufacturing layout industrial robots

In June 2014, Maanshan Iron and Steel successfully acquired the French company Valton, a world famous high-speed rail axle company, for 13 million euros, breaking the long-term blockade and monopoly of foreign companies on the core technologies of wheels, axles and wheel sets that are related to the safety of China’s high-speed rail operations. After investing 720 million yuan, Maanshan Iron & Steel finally won the high-speed motor wheelset and axle manufacturing project, made a major breakthrough in the field of high-speed wheel manufacturing, and successfully entered the German high-speed rail market.

In May of this year, the Anhui Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Anhui Provincial People’s Government issued the “Anhui Province’s Implementation Plan for Solidly Promoting Supply-side Structural Reform”. This also released a new signal for the future economic development of Anhui. In this tough battle,industryBear the brunt. Niu Nutao, director of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, believes: “To promote the healthy development of the manufacturing industry, on the one hand, we must eliminate excess capacity and optimize the backward industrial structure; on the other hand, we must make up for shortcomings and increase new high-quality supply on the product side.” The positive effect of “supply-side reform” has made the steel giants turn. By accelerating the adjustment of product structure and the intelligent transformation of production lines, the iron and steel industry has continuously improved its benefits and achieved remarkable results in reducing losses, which is the epitome of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in our province.

Manufacturing in Anhui opens a “window of opportunity”

What Anhui Industry has been aiming at is the new road of industrialization. At the end of 2015, “Made in China 2025Anhui Chapter” was officially released. At present, the manufacturing industry in Anhui Province accounts for nearly 90% of the industry. “Made in China 2025 Anhui Chapter” focuses on breaking through the bottleneck of manufacturing development and promoting Anhui manufacturing to a new level.

Niu Nutao, director of the Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Commission, believes that at present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is emerging, and the “Internet +” era characterized by cross-border integration has arrived. , green and intelligent manufacturing models are gradually popularized, opening a “window of opportunity” for the leap-forward development of local manufacturing.

advance layoutindustryRobot

Among them, intelligent manufacturing has been repeatedly mentioned, which is also regarded as the essence of “Intelligent Manufacturing in Anhui”. In the field of intelligent equipment, Anhui has already advanced its layout. In 2015, the province completed the industryRobotMore than 2,200 units, ranking the forefront of the country. Entering 2016, the pace of development of the industrial Robot industry has further accelerated.

Anhui manufacturing layout industrial robots

Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Commission is implementing the “Ten Hundred Thousands” plan this year.mechanical200 enterprises in 10 fields including automobiles, metallurgy, and steel have promoted and applied 3,000 industrial robots to accelerate the production, application and development of industrial robots.

In March this year, Anhui Evert Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. acquired Italian EVOLUT Company, which is another step taken by Evert Company in the integration of the industrial chain after completing the acquisition of Italian CMA robots in 2014. At present, Anhui’s industrial robots have not only formed a number of backbone enterprises and industrial clusters, but also formed a number of application demonstration enterprises. Many industrial robot production lines in key enterprises such as Jiangxi Automobile, Chery and Zoomlion are engaged in welding, painting and handling, which have become a spectacular sight. In labor-intensive industries such as winemaking, food, and light industry in the province, industrial robots have also shown their talents.

With the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies, robots are spreading from industrial applications to life service applications. When the industry changes, it may be the window of opportunity for Anhui’s industry.

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Published on 10/09/2022