Anti-drone safety control system comes out, “black flying” drones dare not be willful

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: In the just-concluded “2017 F1 China Grand Prix”, in addition to the wonderful performances of Hamilton, Vettel and other players, the “Airborne” anti-drone safety control system responsible for low-altitude security has also become a highlight of the event. , which ensures the absolute safety of the event activities at low altitudes, and has been unanimously praised by the event organizers and contestants.

This anti-drone safety management and control system independently developed by Shanghai Ziyuke Electronics Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the inspection and appraisal of the National electronic Computer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, becoming the first anti-drone in China to be recognized by a national-level inspection and appraisal agency. man-machine system.

In recent years, civilian drones have been more and more widely used in aerial photography, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, transportation, communication, meteorology and other fields, but a series of serious safety control problems have also arisen. Incidents such as entering public and sensitive areas, accidental falls, affecting the normal take-off and landing of passenger planes, and collisions with high-rise buildings continue to occur. According to incomplete statistics, there have been more than 200 major security incidents caused by drones at home and abroad in recent years.

The “Airborne” anti-UAV system includes three categories: vehicle-mounted, fixed, and handheld. Through “regional early warning, real-time tracking, and controllable disposal”, the UAV is carried out from “discovery to tracking” The integrated management and control of “disposal” can be directly deployed in the building of party and government organs, military camps, airports, railway stations, prisons, conference venues, high-end communities, etc. The actual demand is the anti-UAV system with the best performance that can comprehensively defend the quadrotor UAV in China, and its technical performance and various indicators have reached the domestic leading level.

The “Airborne Corps” anti-drone command vehicle and hand-held equipment are used for the security task of this Grand Prix. Through the command vehicle and the hand-held equipment, a three-dimensional protection network can be formed for the security area of ​​the arena, and the “black flying” in the area can be protected. Man-machine realizes all-round safety management and control methods such as “detection, positioning, tracking, identification, forced landing, and shooting down”. During the event on April 9, it effectively dealt with a “black flying” drone threat incident, and the “Airborne” anti-drone security control system from the discovery of the “black flying” target to accepting the disposal order of the public security command center and successfully disposing of it , the whole process does not exceed 1 minute, quickly and effectively eliminate the security threat caused by drones to the event site.

According to reports, the current world anti-drone technology is mainly divided into three categories, one is interference blocking, which is mainly achieved through signal interference, sound wave interference and other technologies; the other is direct destruction, including the use of laser weapons and drones. Counter drones, etc.; the third is monitoring and control, which is mainly realized by hijacking radio control. The “Airborne” anti-UAV safety management and control system has a comprehensive coverage of functions, can realize the “integrated inspection and attack” function, and complete the whole process control from detection, tracking to disposal. The system has a maximum detection radius of 8km, a minimum detection height of 20m, a maximum visible radius of 2km, a maximum tracking radius of 1.4km, and a maximum disposal radius of 5km for DJI-like small and micro UAVs. More than 2s, the test success rate of each project is as high as 100%, and the performance index is leading in China. It can effectively solve the current “black flying” problem of UAVs, and has strong practical value and market prospects.

The technical backbone responsible for the research and development of the “Airborne Corps” anti-UAV safety management and control system is composed of a team of doctors who have been engaged in the network security industry for many years. National key grass-roots research plan (973 plan)”, with strong technical research capabilities. The operation team has worked in relevant government and military departments for a long time, and can accurately grasp the needs of enterprise-level market such as government, military, public security, and anti-terrorism. Based on the integration of military and civilians, Shanghai Ziyuke Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a leading low-altitude security solution provider in China by leveraging domestic universities, research institutes, military industry groups and other first-class technical forces, and cooperates with Jiangling Automobile Refitting Company to develop anti-unmanned The aircraft command vehicle is specially developed for the safety management and control of small and slow flying targets in low-altitude airspace, and has achieved fruitful results. Last year, it was awarded the title of “Military-civilian Integration Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise” by the Baoshan District Government of Shanghai.

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Published on 09/07/2022