Application is king, Yue P Technology revealed that chip products define the underlying logic to reflect future planning

“I left Google and returned to China more than 3 years ago. I thought about doing something difficult and right. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘serving the country with science and technology’,” said Dr. Jiang Zhaohui, founder, CEO and CTO of YueP Technology, in a recent media interview. Explains the original intention of establishing Yue P. In fact, when she was still at Google, Jiang Zhaohui always paid attention to the development of China’s high-tech industry. After returning to China to start a business, she combined her observations and ambitions on the industry, and was determined to solve two major problems: 1. China Lack of CPU architecture, and lack of independent and controllable core technologies in the industrial field related to the national strategic development; 2. Security issues of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Application is king, Yue P Technology revealed that chip products define the underlying logic to reflect future planning

Figure 1. Dr. Jiang Zhaohui, founder, CEO and CTO of YueP Technology, analyzes the direction of chip innovation under the changing energy situation

It can be said that Yue P’s flagship SoC NB2 is one of the concrete examples and phased achievements of this original intention. On the one hand, it uses the RISC-V open source architecture to solve the problem of autonomy and control. On the other hand, various high-performance performance also makes RISC-based -V’s chip products have established a firm foothold in the high-end industrial field for the first time, truly realizing a one-stop layout from self-controllable to high-end positioning. “From the perspective of the current RISC-V-based chip market, 12nm is already the highest technology, and NB2’s direct use of 12nm can be said to be the first in the world,” Jiang Zhaohui said.

Long-term layout of double carbon, Yue P and the Electric Power Research Institute cooperate to implement the power edge intelligent terminal

Taking the cooperation between YueP Technology and China Electric Power Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as “Electric Power Research Institute”) as an example, Jiang Zhaohui said, “There are two reasons for choosing to enter the power grid industry. The first is global warming. I have always cared about the development of future generations, so I have been concerned about the double carbon issue for more than 10 years; the second is autonomous control.” At present, most of the chips required for power systems rely on imports, especially for power transmission and transformation and The localization rate of the scheduling link is less than 5%, and the autonomous process is imminent.

It is reported that Jiang Zhaohui has communicated with the Electric Power Research Institute as early as 2018, hoping that the chips with the RISC-V architecture will truly solve many common problems in the development of the power Internet of Things, such as high computing power, low power consumption, autonomous control, etc. Require. Through a series of communication studies, the two parties finally decided to use the power edge smart chip as a breakthrough.

As we all know, artificial intelligence requires three major elements: data, algorithms and computing power. Among them, computing power is provided by chips. Based on Yue PNB2, the Electric Power Research Institute has chosen the technical route of main control + AI accelerator, which not only meets the requirements of independent and controllable development, but also has obvious advantages in terms of technology, temperature and computing power.

It is also on the basis of this cooperation that the Electric Power Research Institute and Yue P Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, settled in the State Grid Corporation’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Center, jointly undertaken the national key research and development plans and State Grid Corporation’s technical projects, and worked together to promote power IoT edge smart chip specification formulation, collaborative research and development, and results implementation, etc.

In addition, around information security, YueP Technology hopes to realize the traceability and non-tampering of data based on blockchain. Based on this, Yuep Technology has cooperated with many blockchain companies, such as Molian Technology, and has made many innovations around data security. Jiang Zhaohui mentioned, “This series of layouts were planned more than three years ago, and we worked together with our partners to grow all the way to the industry today.”

In fact, the Artificial Intelligence Application Research Institute of China Electric Power Research Institute Co., Ltd., the industry leader in intelligent operation of the new logistics industry Chain N Technology, the Energy Internet Technology Research Institute of China Electric Power Research Institute, and the research institute focusing on trusted authentication and data privacy protection. As a customer or strategic partner of YueP Technology, Molian Technology was invited to participate in the NB2 conference, and synchronized with the industry the application of NB2 in smart energy, smart logistics, smart city (buildings and industrial parks) and data security and other fields The process and planning have once again verified the NB2’s empowerment of smart industrial IoT scenarios such as dual carbon and digital new infrastructure from the application side with actual cases.

Simultaneous layout of RISC-V software and hardware ecosystem, YueP helps customers to quickly introduce applications

On the one hand, it designed a RISC-V SoC chip that is truly positioned for high-end industrial applications, and on the other hand, the chip was quickly imported into various fields.

According to Yuan Bohu, vice president of R&D of YueP Technology, the team of YueP has a very important label, that is, the start-up management and R&D teams are mostly from chip subsidiaries or departments of system companies. Therefore, from the very beginning, Yue P considered the overall operation of the equipment system, how to solve application problems from the perspective of chips, and focused on “application is king”, not just the design of a single chip.

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Published on 09/03/2022