Are domestic robots easy to deviate and difficult to maintain? !Smailron’s new robot was born to directly hit the industry’s pain points

in today’sthisTechnologyswifttimes of development,usoftenmeetingtalk about an industryof Pain points,and Only Have solve industry of technology Pain points,willin the competition Get a head start, take the high ground.What I’m going to talk about today industry Robot,It is the best case of this truth.repeatedlyuserreflect,Makes us think deeply: whether industrial robotsIt will be like the domestic car in the past,exist market stay oncriticized? Obviously this deserves our attention and consideration.

The pain points of domestic robotswhere is?wantanswer this question,firstwantlearnvastUser’s performance requirements for robots.These needs are concentrated Reflected inbrand, appearance, price,repeat Positioning accuracy, speed, stability, jitterlife and after-salesWaitaspect.Exterior and brandsuperior,Whether imported or domestic robots, in recent years in terms of appearance have span verybig boost.price Aspect usalsoalready known: 2010yearbefore and after cheapest Six axisontologyalsoneedHundreds of thousands,closetwo yearsbecauseDomestic Robot of Competition, individually imported six-axis,1.4 Meters pricedown to tenWannei (Giveagent’s price).domesticThe price is generally5-7about ten thousand,and7Ten thousandoraboveof domestic robotsexistpricebutslightlyAwkward——put asidequalitydon’t talk the brand’s premium ability is obviously at a disadvantage. This kind enterprise generally return application business.Only in this way talent can maintain a long-term industry and market Competitiveness.

Then wefocus on Repeatability the structure of the vertical joint Robot isstep by stepstackadd,The six joints are connected in series,and wewell-known CNC machine Yesup to two axesofCumulative, the support point is firm at both ends, and has little effect on the size of the volumestrictrequirements.This leads toThe repeatability of the robotmust be lower than NC machine tool,universal exist ±0.1mm arrive ±0.15mm between (individual brand except),Some Imported robot parameters are alsoexist±0.15mm.But domesticlots of information Metropolis Show ±0.05mm. This also remind we have purchase need users, do not quilt phantomparameter blindfolded,temporary repetition position precision. Keep a few hours or Several sky Shang Ke. But after that it was almost unsustainable.In fact,Robot repetition position precision and motor of subdivision set up the accuracy of the encoder is direct relationship, servo motor match generally of reducer, short time of Repeatability also optimistic.becauseJoint robot end position depend on Gravity exclusion gap,thereforeexistDoes not consider reducer wearin the case of,short timeInsideRepeat positioning accuracycan reach very high.

China has been continuously 8 become global. The largest robot application market. However domestic robot Currently proportiononly 30% many,and user Big Mostly SMEs.if this The proportion stagnated or even decreased instead of increasing the localization of industrial robots Will Ended with failure.At such a critical juncture in the development of such an industry,There is a domestic robot companycome forwardBaoji Simai Precision Transmission Co., Ltd.recentdevelopedoneDon’t stray, easymaintainedrobot.

Are domestic robots easy to deviate and difficult to maintain?  !Smailron’s new robot was born to directly hit the industry’s pain points

Are domestic robots easy to deviate and difficult to maintain?  !Smailron’s new robot was born to directly hit the industry’s pain points

Possess an authorized patent certificate in the field of robotics30item they builtSimalon technical team,experienced seven years,excellence in research and capture robot joint reducer technology,and No imitation importsold road,because they know well structure can be imitated,but craft as well as Core technology accumulation esimitated.go through Repeated high-frequency testing After They made this result public.and in addition to custom robot models,they are absolutely Most robots are Promise to deviate from the returnand high-end Three-year model warranty,real do its panuser Pickpurchase no risk.At the user level,Do not Argument Is it imported or domestic robot,most Heavy want of Is it possible real do it Help enterprises reduce costs and improve production efficiency not due to Fault and idle Easy to solve and maintain when there is a fault.These,business choice equipment fundamental in accordance with.

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Published on 08/31/2022