Are we ready for the robot age?

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: With the development of the express delivery industry, some “black technologies” related to express delivery have also begun to emerge. Recently, a period of fully automatic express sorting by STO Express has emerged.RobotThe video opened the eyes of netizens.

In the video, these robots equipped with orange trays “shuttle” on the ground in an orderly manner, transporting parcels to designated locations for 24-hour uninterrupted sorting; it can reduce labor by 70%; improve work efficiency and reduce logistics costs.

Looking at the running Robot in the video, it was like being in a technology blockbuster. Everyone was amazed at the progress of technology. In fact, where we cannot see, robots have already become the protagonists, and the assembly line has been replaced by robots. Robot dogs can walk fast where they can see, Robot waiters enter restaurants, and Google’s driverless cars have been on the road for years. It is more accurate and stable in quality than human beings. It makes almost no mistakes and is open 24 hours a day. It may also be smarter than human beings. For example, Google’s AlphaGo has completely surpassed human chess skills.

From the current point of view, the positive significance is even greater. It replaces heavy human labor, improves work efficiency, and reduces enterprise operating costs. It expands the capabilities of human beings. Robots go down to the seabed at a depth of 10,000 meters instead of humans, allowing us to see that unknown world; robots go deep into space and head towards the deep universe. It shows us a picture of the future: you get up in the morning, a robot prepares you breakfast, and a driverless car or a plane is always on call to go to work…

Some of its negative effects are temporarily not obvious, such as employment problems. It saves 70% of labor in the express delivery industry, but it increases employment opportunities for other industries, such as robot manufacturing and maintenance services. And with the development of science and technology, more and more new industries will emerge, which is typical of the express delivery industry itself. Who knew ten years ago that the express delivery industry could form such a huge employment scale? However, not many people have figured out what the law is. When the time comes, artificial intelligence will make rapid progress, and not many people can tell what stage it is now.

A topic that has become very public, a scientific advance that has begun to profoundly change society and may affect everyone’s life, the discussion of it is still inadequate and unprofessional. Some predictions are very subjective, and there are even some sci-fi colors. Most people know about that future world from movies, from novels, not from science. The unscientific and randomness of these discussions also leads to two extremes of being overly concerned and overly numb.

What is certain is that in the future, tipping points will eventually come, and change may come sooner than imagined. Therefore, while bringing surprises and hope for the future, it also casts a shadow on people themselves. The prediction of SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son is even more sensational. He believes that in the next 30 years, the number of robots will exceed that of humans, and the intelligence of robots will surpass that of humans within 30 years.

This requires people to analyze from a scientific perspective, not only from the natural sciences, but also from the evolution of civilization, sociology and even philosophy, etc., for example, the impact of robots replacing labor on employment and human life. . It may be difficult to draw conclusions, but the data can be monitored and the impact can be assessed, which helps us to see the future clearly and prepare early.

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Published on 08/31/2022