Are wearable exoskeleton robots expensive? EduExo turns mortals into “Iron Man”

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: EduExo for Students, Hobbyists and Educators3D printingexoskeletonRobotThe kit is driven by the open source Arduino solution.

Wearable robots have been around for a long time. Since the 1960s, the Pentagon first asked for wearable robots to improve the capabilities of soldiers. Since then, exoskeletons have begun to develop rapidly. But the slow development of the exoskeleton industry is mainly due to the high cost of its development and adoption.

But the new EduExo exoskeleton kit, designed for students, teachers, gamers and hobbyists, is looking to democratize exoskeleton development. The EduExo exoskeleton development kit has started crowdfunding on Kickstarter, and the campaign aims to raise $7931 so that the EduExo kit can start shipping in August 2017. So far, Kickstarter has raised $6,065.

It is worth noting that the exoskeleton Robot is not a medical device, it can actually provide physical therapy, or achieve the effect of increasing strength. Kickstarter also stated, “It’s still relatively weak driving force. It’s just to illustrate the basic principle of exoskeleton, and it’s cheaper and safer. It’s not realistic to do dozens of pull-ups through it, but it It does give you guidance on your movement.”

EduExo is a single degree of freedom elbow exoskeleton that requires assembly with all off-the-shelf hardware.includemotor, force sensor, Arduino microcontroller and cuff interface. EduExo will also come with an installation guide to help users understand each installation step.

Tutorial will teach you howmechanicalDesign, which resembles human anatomy. At the same time, teach you how to connect sensors and electronic boards, and how to design and program control systems. In addition, it can connect to a computer and learn how to use haptic devices in conjunction with virtual reality.

Are wearable exoskeleton robots expensive?  EduExo turns mortals into

According to the company, if you have basic programming and electronics skills, you will definitely get a good start, and Xiaobai can also get started at any time. After learning, you can play with EduExo.

How much is the EduExo exoskeleton kit?

There are many varieties of EduExo kits. If you have access to a 3D printer and the ability to DIY some basic stuff, you can get a PDF of the manual, an STL file of the exoskeleton, and a list of required components for $30.

For novices, EduExo offers everything you need to build an exoskeleton for a total price of $165. The regular cost of the EduExo kit will be $180. The EduExo set comes with five complete sets for $800.

EduExo won the Wearable Robotics Association Innovation Competition held in April 2017. The award was presented by a jury of CEOs and CTOs from leading exoskeleton robotics companies.

Published on 09/19/2022