Baidu joins hands with Harman to explore China’s AI-powered car market

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: According to a report by Business Wire on April 19, Harman, a manufacturer of audio products and infotainment systems wholly-owned by Samsung, said it will expand its partnership with Baidu, the world’s largest Chinese search engine, and the two parties will work together to provide Chinese automakers Develop new artificial intelligence solutions.

The collaboration is based on the Harman cloud platform, Baidu’s DuerOS personal digital assistant and speech recognition engine technology, which will be used in Harman Connected Vehicles. DuerOS is an open smart operating system developed by Baidu that currently supports access to voice-activated digital assistants on mobile phones, TVs, speakers and other devices, as well as third-party developers. The two parties will collaborate on the development of smart car functions including automatic speech recognition (ASR) in Chinese and English, natural language processing and speech synthesis.

Harman continues to deepen its cooperation with Baidu. As early as January 2015, Harman, the world’s leading manufacturer of audio products and infotainment systems, reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Baidu to launch CarLife, a car networking solution that combines advanced Internet technology, The perfect combination of entertainment system and positioning service, tailor-made leading car networking technology solutions for the Chinese market and consumers.

“We want to bring you a whole new driving experience, so we’re taking bold steps to lead the industry in innovation, combining living spaces with digital systems—from home to office, wherever and whenever you want A convenient driving experience.” Dinesh Paliwal, President and CEO of Harman, said that in the future, Harman and Baidu will continue to cooperate to provide drivers with simple and intuitive in-vehicle services.

Lu Qi, President and Chief Operating Officer of Baidu Group, said: “Baidu’s partnership with Harman enables consumers to freely control their cars with their voices and obtain information through the Internet, making human-machine interaction safer and more convenient. Expanding the partnership with Harman further It demonstrates our shared commitment to providing the most flexible and innovative product solutions to meet the unique needs of the Chinese automotive industry and customers.”

In addition to the automotive market, Harman and Baidu DuerOS also announced plans to integrate Baidu’s advanced artificial intelligence in innovative smart speakers to provide customers with high-quality audio solutions.

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Published on 08/31/2022