Bell teaches Wang Zuobing: In the age of artificial intelligence, how to keep children from being replaced by AI

OFweekrobotAt the beginning of 2016, people were still amazed at the power of Alpha Go, but at the beginning of 2017, we cannot deny that the age of artificial intelligence has penetrated into our lives from all aspects. There have been many cases of “AI replacing people” in the last year, which actually all illustrate one thing, that is, artificial intelligence will bring about a new work revolution, and it will make a huge change to our future work and the way we work.

How to make our children stand in the future era of artificial intelligence? The answer given by Wang Zuobing and Bell Science Education is: education. Bell Science and Education was established in 2011, focusing on the training of Robotic children from 3 to 13 years old. Wang Zuobing, founder and chairman of Bell Science and Education Group, said that Bell hopes to cultivate aborigines in the AI ​​era.

In the age of artificial intelligence, what else should education teach?

The “post-90s” are known as the aborigines of the internet age, because they have grown up with the development of the Internet and mobile Internet since childhood, so their way of thinking also matches the Internet. It is not difficult to find that the post-85s and post-90s have already occupied a very important position in the Internet industry.

In the era of artificial intelligence, Internet thinking alone can no longer meet the needs of society. People need to know the answers to two new key questions: “how to compete with artificial intelligence” and “how to cooperate with artificial intelligence”.

The former requires a sufficient understanding of AI, what it can and cannot do; the latter needs to understand how to “communicate” with it.

Wang Zuobing believes that “programming” is a typical example in the process of educating children to adapt to the AI ​​era. There is also a certain proportion of programming content in Bell’s school-age children’s education.

The application of AI is actually composed of programs, data, and algorithms. In the age of artificial intelligence, programming-related content will be everywhere. Therefore, in the face of the work revolution brought by artificial intelligence, even if you do not become a programmer, it is crucial to master the relevant skills.

At the same time, programming has brought about the improvement of logical thinking ability and the change of thinking mode to a large extent. The goal of AI applications is to improve efficiency, liberate manpower, and reduce costs. In fact, this is the essence of programming.

Wang Zuobing said: “In fact, most of our daily work can be abstracted into a for loop and a conditional judgment. The former means repetitive work, while the latter means choice. If children can master this kind of thinking logic from an early age, right There will be no small value in understanding AI and working with it.”

What changes will the AI ​​era bring to the education system?

When it comes to the traditional education system and education method, Wang Zuobing has a firm attitude: “I am an opponent of exam-oriented education.” He said that exam-oriented education is the product of a certain stage of social development, not education itself. The current education system It is a subject system established more than 200 years ago, mainly trainingindustrylabor force of the era.

This way of education is gradually being changed. Because students not only need to learn knowledge, but also need to cultivate qualities such as teamwork, curiosity, creativity, interpersonal communication, etc., so as to complement it in the things that AI cannot do in the future. For the cultivation of these qualities, the traditional education model is difficult to satisfy.

Wang Zuobing introduced that, unlike the subject-based education system, Bell adopts an educational model driven by cases and exploring knowledge. Children explore something (such as elevators, turnstiles, etc.) in the form of teamwork under the guidance of teachers. Disseminate relevant knowledge.

The process of developing children’s interest and acquiring knowledge is more important than directly telling the results, because it is more effective for the transfer and application of knowledge. Gain knowledge through practice and the growth of logical thinking, and apply it to solving other life problems through inferences from one case.

A product or a good class?

In recent years, following online education, educational Robots are also known as one of the emerging hotspots in the field of education. Under the influence of capital entry and foreign countries, domestic educational robots have developed rapidly, and many related companies and products have emerged one after another.

However, Wang Zuobing said that although robots can have good educational functions, the practice of most companies only providing products is actually out of the essence of education. In the case of only one robot product, on the one hand, it is difficult for children to have a long-term interest in it, and it will be idle after a period of use; on the other hand, it is difficult for children to guarantee educational results without assistance.

Bell Science and Education uses a combination of offline stores and online courses. This model is more “heavy” and has higher management pressure and costs. However, Wang Zuobing said that in order to ensure the quality of teaching, this is a must do. . He regards “taking a good class” as the core of Bell Science and Education, and whether it is online courses, offline stores, or Robot products, in the final analysis, it is for this core service.

Adolescent education is actually a very special field. Its target is preschool children and primary and secondary school students, but the decision to pay is basically in the hands of parents.

Regarding this issue, Wang Zuobing is very pleased, he said: “Four or five years ago, we needed to give classes to about 90% of parents so that they would know what we were doing; now, basically only 20% of parents need to be popularized. , others can understand and even buy it after listening to a simple introduction.”

Wang Zuobing believes that this is a kind of progress, and it will continue. “Soon, the post-85s and post-90s will become parents. They will know more about what AI is and what children need.”

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Published on 01/12/2023