Beware of bubbles under the booming capital feast of artificial intelligence industry in China

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Huawei, a well-known Chinese company, recently announced that it has actively deployed in cutting-edge technology fields such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and VR/AR, and is committed to achieving a leap-forward improvement in the experience of smart terminals.

In the past two years, Chinese capital has fiercely competed in the artificial intelligence industry. Giants take the lead in the layout, start-ups continue to enter the market, and many companies link their business to artificial intelligence.

BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) China’s Internet “Big Three” leads artificial intelligence. Baidu launched the “Baidu Brain” project in 2016 and led the establishment of the National Engineering Laboratory for Deep Learning Technology and Applications in March 2017; Alibaba is launching “NASA” plan, Tencent established AI Lab (artificial intelligence laboratory); Internet upstarts Didi, iFLYTEK and other core competition areas; Haier and other manufacturing companies also joined the tide…

According to statistics, before 2010, there were less than 20 enterprises engaged in artificial intelligence technology and services in China. By 2016, there were 709 AI companies in China, covering transportation, manufacturing, finance, medical care, education, tourism, entertainment and other fields.

According to industry analysts, such a rapid growth trend will not weaken in the near future, and is likely to continue to accelerate.

At present, a large number of artificial intelligence start-up companies are emerging, but at the same time, there are also problems such as homogeneous competition, difficult concept implementation, difficult product commercialization, unequal return on investment, and supply and demand imbalance.

Beware of bubbles under the booming capital feast of artificial intelligence industry in China

On January 31, 2017, the audience watched in the Ningxia Science and Technology MuseumRobotPerformance.

Industry insiders said that industrial clusters led by artificial intelligence are expected to become a new growth point for the future economy, but the competition for capital caused by the heat will inevitably be accompanied by bubbles. Especially when artificial intelligence is used as a concept hype, the industry threshold is lowered, the investment is explosively flooded and blindly following the trend, and there is a lack of substantial technological breakthroughs and market orientation, and bubbles are even more inevitable.

Kai-Fu Lee, founder of Innovation Works, said not long ago that the talents, data, and computing and storage equipment required for artificial intelligence entrepreneurship are expensive. “A lot of pseudo-AI products have been created in the market and a lot of pseudo-demands have been created, which is extremely unfavorable to the development of the AI ​​industry.”

He said bluntly: “The investment and valuation of artificial intelligence today must be frothy.”

The development of artificial intelligence requires technological breakthroughs, but the development of technology has a maturity curve, which requires both capital investment and long-term tempering, which tests the ability, courage and patience of investors.

People in the industry generally divide artificial intelligence into “strong artificial intelligence” and “weak artificial intelligence”. The former refers to “true intelligence” that is almost identical to the human brain. At present, technology has not yet reached such a level, and researches are mostly focused on “weak artificial intelligence”, such as speech recognition and image recognition functions, which are only available in one aspect. It simulates the mechanism of the human brain to the limit.

Rui Yong, the former executive vice president of Microsoft Research Asia, believes that perhaps in the fields of computing and memory, artificial intelligence will surpass human performance, but in the fields of imagination and creativity, which humans are good at, artificial intelligence has not yet found the key to open the door.

Even for the most popular robotics industry, the prospects cannot be blindly optimistic. The homogeneous competition does not bring about technological breakthroughs. According to the statistics of OFweek Industry Research Center, from the perspective of profitability, the loss of Robot body business is as high as 70%.

Rui Yong suggested that we should look at the artificial intelligence industry rationally and take it step by step. “It will take some time for artificial intelligence technology to change our daily life.”

Sang Wenfeng, CEO of artificial intelligence company “Shence Data”, believes that artificial intelligence competition is a competition of comprehensive strength, not just a strong link, but also to match the service system, market development capabilities, and sales capabilities.

Beware of bubbles under the booming capital feast of artificial intelligence industry in China

On January 31, 2017, the audience watched a Robot performance in the Ningxia Science and Technology Museum.

At a time when there are high expectations for the artificial intelligence industry, experts suggest that capital needs to make rational choices, eliminate gimmicks and hype, integrate with the world at the technical level, further expand the application scenarios of existing technologies, and integrate and improve through mergers and acquisitions. .

In addition, AI entrepreneurs should look for products with market value as a technological breakthrough point, find a good business model to promote technological development and commercialization of achievements, and balance the weight of basic research, technological change, and market development.

Even if there is a certain degree of false prosperity and bubbles in the current development of artificial intelligence, the siphon effect of talents and technologies in this field will also promote the industry to continuously adjust and move forward. In the development and application of global artificial intelligence Create greater value and bring about subversive changes to future life and production.

At present, some artificial intelligence technologies have entered people’s daily life. Baidu has applied artificial intelligence-related technologies to takeaway delivery scheduling, banks and some third-party payment platforms have adopted face recognition technology, and intelligent voice translation technology has “robbed” the jobs of translators and stenographers.

The logistics system of the e-commerce industry, which is closely related to people’s lives, is alsoautomationprogress in intelligence. Recently, a video of Shentong’s robotic system sorting went viral on the Internet. 350 orange robots “wearing” pallets shuttled through the ground in an orderly manner, delivering parcels to designated locations. It is said that the system can reduce labor by 70% and has been put into use in STO express companies in Yiwu, Tianjin and Linyi.

“Find application points and implement them.” Dai Wenyuan, CEO of the artificial intelligence company “Fourth Paradigm”, is optimistic about the opportunities in the medical field. “If artificial intelligence can be used to take pictures of people, the cost of cancer screening during physical examination will be greatly reduced, and more people will be able to Early detection of disease.”

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Published on 09/19/2022