“Breaking the Circle” Collaborative Robot | See how Yuejiang empowers new business!

Collaborative robots break the boundaries of traditional Robot application scenarios with innovative human-computer interaction technology. Due to innate advantages such as safety, ease of use, flexibility and intelligence, collaborative robots have released great potential in more and more scenarios, from industrial to commercial applications. The rapid extension is like a broken bamboo, triggering unprecedented opportunities.

In the context of consumption upgrades, the demand for customization has risen sharply, and smart new retail business models such as smart catering and digital retail have emerged, making collaborative robots an important role in the upgrade of business intelligence.

However, the trillion-dollar commercial market is faced with two mountains of rising manpower and rent, and the profits of merchants are greatly squeezed. It is like walking on thin ice. How to reduce labor costs, maximize space utilization (floor-efficiency ratio), and create maximum in limited space Efficiency has become a major problem in the development of new business.

According to authoritative statistics, the average life expectancy of catering companies is less than two years. Even if new business models have greater opportunities, expensive equipment costs and high-tech thresholds are prohibitive. In an environment of market uncertainty, blind upgrades may Further push the enterprise to the line of life and death!

How to break the traditional contradiction between enterprise benefit and labor cost? More powerful tools will be born in the new consumption era! On August 26, Yuejiang, an intelligent collaborative Robot manufacturer, will release a new collaborative robot specially designed for business scenarios through online live broadcast, to meet the needs of business users for robots with small footprint, ease of use, low investment cost and return. Fast, customizable style and other four demands.

“Breaking the Circle” Collaborative Robot | See how Yuejiang empowers new business!

During the press conference, Yuejiang will join hands with ecological partners to conduct in-depth dialogues with investment institutions such as Qianhai Fund of Funds, Wen’s Capital, Shenzhen Venture Capital, etc., to explore the challenges and opportunities of collaborative robots to promote new business development.

As a manufacturer of intelligent robotic arms, Yuejiang has launched the world’s first desktop-level intelligent robotic arm since 2015. With disruptive technological innovation, it has opened up a new model of human-machine collaboration and brought robots to more use scenarios. At present, Yuejiang has sold 55,000 robots in more than 140 countries and regions around the world. Yuejiang has been working hard to bring simple and easy-to-use collaborative robots from industry to business, and let robots enter all aspects of life. This time, Yuejiang will once again break the boundaries and empower new businesses with “circle-breaking” collaborative robots.

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Published on 08/28/2022