Can you hear that artificial intelligence is the next outlet for mobile phones?

OFweekRobotAt the end of last month, Samsung released the flagship Galaxy S8|S8+. In addition to the machine itself, the Bixby artificial intelligence assistant on the S8 also left a deep impression on everyone. It is different from common assistant tools. It has four functions: Vision, Home, Reminder, and Voice. In addition to supporting system pre-installed applications, it can support more third-party applications in the future. In addition, Bixby has the ability to understand context. The user’s command can be analyzed by combining the context, and finally a response that is more in line with the user’s expectations can be given.

Not only Samsung, we have found artificial intelligence in many brands of mobile phones, such as the AI ​​mobile phone Le Pro3 just released by LeTV. Artificial intelligence is no longer an ethereal term. It has moved from an experiment to the public, and the mobile phone in the hand will become a Robot that can think independently.

There are many scenarios and forms of application of artificial intelligence, mainly voice assistants on mobile phones. Apple’s Siri can be regarded as the most well-known voice assistant. Since its release, “she” has made greater breakthroughs and progress. It no longer simply understands the user’s direct commands, but tries to understand and think.

Many people think that voice assistants are tasteless, but in fact, including Siri, voice assistants have become indispensable intelligent assistants. I believe that people who think that voice assistants are tasteless have not experienced the convenience brought by it. “Setting an alarm clock, calling XXX, and sending emails” are only the most elementary. Greedy and lazy human beings always hope that the machine can do more, So what do we need voice assistants for?

Just a few days ago, market research firm Fivesight released a research report showing that about 72% of users use virtual assistants as a supplement to search engines, citing that voice assistants are simpler and more straightforward, and are very suitable for users’ lazy psychology. . This is not only an affirmation of the capabilities of the current intelligent voice assistant, but also shows that it is indeed what users need.

In addition, voice assistants have already gotten rid of simple semantic understanding. In addition to understanding direct commands, some sentences with transitions command it to clearly determine the meaning. It is precisely because of this that it is more in line with our imagination of assistants, and communication with it can also use human terms, so flirting with voice assistants has even become fun for some people.

The voice assistants we currently use are pretty good, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. The progress of artificial assistants benefits from the continuous accumulation and learning of data, and the richness of data is to a large extent the cornerstone of the growth of voice assistants. In other words, whoever owns the data can lead the way in artificial intelligence. The voice assistant is still in the growth stage, and in the future, it will continue to evolve and usher in a real explosion period.

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Published on 09/09/2022