CEC and Haichen will join hands to build a featured platform for industrial internet logistics

Recently, CLP Industrial internet Co., Ltd. and Haichen Co., Ltd. signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Jointly Promote the Innovation and Development of Smart Logistics”. According to the content of the agreement, the two parties will jointly build a characteristic platform for manufacturing industrial Internet, jointly develop and create SMT component logistics solutions, and jointly carry out national automatic warehousing business cooperation.

It is reported that CEC is the only national-level dual-span industrial Internet platform in Hunan and one of the three central enterprises. Haichen is a leading domestic operator and manager of supply chain solutions for industries such as consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, and medical equipment.

CEC and Haichen will join hands to build a featured platform for industrial internet logistics

The scene of the signing ceremony (Photo courtesy of Haichen)

Jointly build a characteristic platform for the manufacturing industry‘s productive industrial Internet

According to the content of the agreement, Haichen and CEC will jointly build a characteristic platform for manufacturing industrial Internet.

As the only industrial Internet company under the state-owned giant China Electronics, the BachOS platform of CEC Cloud Network independently developed by CEC has been approved as the first national industrial Internet regional platform in the central region, and also the first secondary node for identification analysis of the electronics industry in China. . At present, BachOS has accumulated 10,484 industrial mechanism models and 18,259 aggregated industrial APPs. Based on the platform, 52 high-quality solutions have been formed, covering 14 major industries such as electronics, machinery, textiles, and rail transit, as well as safety production, energy conservation and emission reduction, In nine key areas, including quality control, manufacturing, and operation and maintenance services, related solutions have served over 26,000 industrial enterprises.

On the whole, CEC Internet has strong strength, extensive business, and complete data reserves. The functional characteristics of its industrial Internet platform also perfectly match the development goal of Haichen to build a full-link solution for smart factories.

Improve professional service capabilities and expand the scale of SMT business orders

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) is one of the most popular technologies and processes in the electronic assembly industry. my country is transforming into an advanced wafer foundry process. In the process of promoting the localization of the semiconductor industry, the number of orders for advanced packaging equipment is increasing. Haichen and CEC will also jointly create a demonstration benchmark for enterprise digital transformation with distinctive features and strong demonstration driving effect in the field of SMT components, and comprehensively promote the solutions to key industries.

CEC has obvious advantages and extensive layout in the field of electronic information manufacturing related to digital SMT production lines and SMT industry cloud platforms. On October 11, 2021, CEC Interconnected strategically held NJStar to jointly develop high-end SMT enterprise application scenarios, boost the research and development of high-end SMT production line service software, hardware and system solutions, and provide high-level, high-quality SMT companies at home and abroad intelligent manufacturing upgrade service.

Haichen Co., Ltd. has the ability to integrate warehousing and logistics solutions of “hardware + software + algorithm + platform”. With the cooperation between the two parties, Haichen will go deep into the field of SMT components and other production logistics services in the CLP system, jointly develop warehousing logistics solutions, improve professional service capabilities, expand the order scale of SMT business, and open up a new growth curve .

Give full play to the experience of logistics operation management and expand the space of automated warehousing business

Haichen Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of knowledge system and management experience accumulated in the operation and management of electronic information, new energy vehicles and other manufacturing industries and productive logistics. It is reported that Haichen Co., Ltd. has built a new generation of intelligent transportation management platform “Shenzhang System” to realize the information management and control of the logistics transportation process, covering the whole process operation links of various existing logistics business orders; build a unified and centralized logistics Business contract (receivable, payable, internal), billing, settlement (internal and external) daily rolling account management platform; realize income, cost and profit analysis by customer, internal organization, line and other dimensions; build a car-free carrier platform to realize car and cargo Optimal operational research matching.

In the context of increasing labor costs and land costs, an effective way to reduce logistics costs is intelligent automated warehousing. CLP Systems, a subsidiary of CEC Interconnect, has huge automated warehousing projects, and its customer base covers different industries and regions. Haichen Co., Ltd. will jointly carry out national automated warehousing business cooperation with CEC Internet. The cooperation between the two parties will broaden the customer base and business space of Haichen Co., Ltd.’s automated warehousing, and make long-term performance more certain. In addition, Haichen and CEC will also set up a joint development team, which will carry out a number of automated warehousing cooperation projects to summarize and refine experience, solidify a cooperation model that can be replicated and popularized, expand nationwide, and jointly undertake more automated warehousing projects.

In the future, with the deepening of various cooperation businesses with CEC, Haichen is expected to accelerate to become a software and hardware integrated supply chain integrated logistics solution operator with technology research and development and technology output as the core competitiveness, opening up the company’s valuation growth space .

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Published on 05/12/2023