Changsha Intelligent Robot Research Institute Unveiling Ceremony and Hunan Intelligent Robot Summit Forum

News on June 27 (Reporter Jiang Wenjing) This morning, Changsha SmartRobotThe unveiling ceremony of the institute and the Hunan Intelligent Robot Summit Forum were held in Changsha. It is reported that Changsha Intelligent Robot Research Institute, located in Yuhua Economic Development Zone, Changsha City, Hunan Province, is the first research institute in Hunan Province focusing on the research and development and industrialization of robots and intelligent equipment technology. Songshan Lake Robot Industry Base Co., Ltd., Gu Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., Lens Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan University Science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. and many other high-tech leading enterprises have invested and high-quality resources. Zhang Jianfei, Vice Governor of Hunan Province, Hu Henghua, Mayor of Changsha City, Duan Xianzhong, President of Hunan University, Li Zexiang, Chairman of Changsha Intelligent Robot Research Institute and other guests attended the unveiling ceremony.

At 9:08 in the morning, leaders of Hunan Provincial Government, Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Changsha Municipal Government, Yuhua District Committee and District Government, Chairman of Changsha Intelligent Robot Research Institute Li Zexiang, Chairman of Lens Technology Co., Ltd. Zhou Qunfei and Zhong Kui, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, jointly unveiled the Changsha Intelligent Robot Research Institute, which also means that the research institute has entered the trial operation stage.
“We are actively exploring how to take a new road of industry-university-research integration through the combination of technology, market, capital, and talents to promote the development of the industry.” Changsha Mayor Hu Henghua said at the unveiling ceremony, “Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing The implementation of the industry, technology research and development, and talent training are focused on two directions. One direction is to carry out intelligent transformation of traditional enterprises. Changsha has more than 2,000 large-scale enterprises.industryFor enterprises, we need to intelligentize their production processes and products, so that enterprises can be optimized and upgraded; the second aspect is to vigorously develop industrial robots and build a good industrial ecology for R&D and production of robots in Changsha. “According to reports, Changsha Intelligent Robot Research Institute will introduce and incubate excellent entrepreneurial teams and projects, cultivate technical talents, promote the integration and application of robots and intelligent equipment technology, and promote the integration and application of robots and intelligent equipment technology in Changsha and surrounding areas by integrating the advantageous resources of Changsha and surrounding areas. The healthy development of intelligent manufacturing and innovative technology industries.
At present, the Hunan Robot Industry Cluster has introduced a total of 56 robot enterprises (projects), and has initially formed a professional robot industry cluster, and occupies a seat in more than 40 robot industry parks across the country. Enterprises settled in the cluster area include technology research and development and technical talent training bases represented by Changsha Intelligent Robot Research Institute and Hunan Zixing Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, and key components represented by companies such as Sanxing Precision and Tongsheng Jingchuan. Enterprises, ontology manufacturers represented by Changtai Robot and other companies, system integrators represented by Hunan Zhiyi, Palladium Mihong, Hunan Shiwei, etc., industrial robot training institutions represented by “Industrial Control Gang”, etc. It has become an important carrier for the province’s industrial transformation and upgrading and the starting port for realizing Changsha’s “Made in China 2025”.
Published on 09/19/2022