China’s manufacturing industry: building a new competitive advantage with brand as the core

In the various global brand lists released recently, Huawei has appeared frequently. As a manufacturing company, Huawei’s brand value is growing rapidly, and it is undisputedly ranked first in the global brand building camp.industryIn an interview with reporters, Chen Yin, director of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Information Technology, said that Huawei’s success is the epitome of the development of China’s manufacturing brands, and it has become an industry consensus that innovation drives Chinese products to jump to Chinese brands.

“my country is the world’s largest manufacturing country. In the important stage of my country’s manufacturing industry climbing over the hurdles and turning from big to strong, we must pay special attention to the role of manufacturing brands. High quality and multiple brands are important signs of a strong manufacturing industry.” Chen Because said.

China’s manufacturing industry: building a new competitive advantage with brand as the core

China’s manufacturing industry: building a new competitive advantage with brand as the core

The competitiveness of independent brands continues to rise

As one of the leading watch brands in China, EBOHR pioneered the art cross-border marketing in the watch industry, and successively started the “EBOHR Art Time” with the folk music group Women’s Twelve Band, singing artist Wei Song, “Zero Band”, etc. “The cross-border journey injects new vitality into the brand. The relevant person in charge of EBOHR said that the times are changing and the market is changing. EBOVE must keep up with market demand, keep innovating, and continue to provide consumers with good products and services in order to continue to gain competitive advantages in the market competition, and Add luster to Chinese brands.

“From a domestic point of view, my country’s own brand products have strong competitiveness and occupy a dominant position in the market.” According to Chen Yin, in the field of consumer goods, the share of self-owned brands in household appliances, clothing and home textiles is as high as 80%; silk, Industries with distinctive national cultural characteristics such as ceramics and liquor have absolute market advantages; in industries with greater influence from foreign brands such as mobile phones, automobiles, and daily chemicals, the competitiveness of independent brands is also rapidly improving. At the same time, in the field of industrial products, the competitiveness of main products has been continuously improved. for example,mechanicalThe market share of products such as fine chemicals and fine chemicals has also reached more than 80%.

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Published on 08/27/2022