Chongqing’s first third-generation da Vinci surgical robot goes online

The third generation of Da Vinci surgery representing the highest international technological levelrobotNow it has officially landed in Chongqing. Recently, the reporter learned from the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongyi Medical College that the hospital has introduced the third-generation Da Vinci surgical Robot SI system in February this year. So far, it has successfully carried out 60 cases of gastrointestinal, gynecological, extrathoracic, urinary and other cancers. Operation.

On the same day, the third-generation da Vinci surgical robot performed radical prostatectomy on a patient.Wang Delin, a professor of urology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongyi Medical College, was sitting at themechanicalIn front of the console not far from the arm, just like operating a gamepad, put the thumbs and index fingers of both hands in the sensing fingertips on both sides of the operating system, and look at the 3D eyepiece on the control screen, and start to move forward, backward, cut, and pick. and so on.
At the same time, Da Vinci’s Robotic arm flexibly performs the same actions on the patient: cutting and separating tissue, electrocoagulation to stop bleeding, twisting, knotting… As the three arms cooperate with each other like an “octopus”, peeling and The lymph nodes and tissues around the tumor are continuously removed, and the tumor-bearing prostate is completely removed.
“Unlike previous operations, with Da Vinci, one person can perform hundreds of delicate surgical movements, while the surgical assistant is responsible for replacing ‘finger’ tools for Da Vinci, such as coagulation knives, scissors, tweezers, Needles, etc.” Wang Delin said.
The biggest difference between the robotic arm and the human hand is that the robotic arm can perform actions that cannot be performed by the human hand, such as any 360-degree turn and turn, and can also penetrate into places that cannot be touched by the human hand, such as blood vessels, tissues and even cells, surpassing the human hand in traditional surgical operations. Limit, “cut cancer” will be more accurate.
“In addition to these, the third-generation da Vinci has also added single-hole surgery technology. All the surgical steps can be completed by simply punching a keyhole-like hole in the patient.” Lv Furong, vice president of the First Affiliated Hospital of Heavy Medicine, told me Reporter, in this way, patients have less postoperative trauma, less bleeding, and faster recovery.

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Published on 05/15/2023