“Co-construction, Sharing, Symbiosis and Win-Win” – 2022 SUPCON Technology Partner Conference was successfully held

“Co-construction, Sharing, Symbiosis and Win-Win” – 2022 SUPCON Technology Partner Conference was successfully held

In order to gather cross-border resources and achieve a win-win ecological future, “joint construction, sharing, symbiosis and win-win” – 2022 Supcon Technology Partner Conference was successfully held in Hangzhou Supcon Technology Park. The conference is divided into three parts: keynote report sharing, award ceremony, and partner representatives’ speeches. It is committed to focusing on new ecological themes and creating an open and cooperative relationship in the industrial chain.

Gu Jiandang, President of Phoenix (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Kong Dayong, Global Vice President of Dell Technologies Group, Wang Liping, Vice President of Lenovo Group, Wang Jiangbing, General Manager of Rittal electronic Machinery Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd. Wang Zhiwen, Vice President of Sales, Xiang Fufang, General Manager of Hunan Weiyi Zhixin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and other experts, Cui Shan, Chairman and President of Central Control Technology, Yu Haibin, Senior Vice President, Fang Yongsheng, Vice President and Secretary of the Board, Guo Biao, Vice President, Ding Xiaobo and Zhang Lei were present.

Cui Shan delivered a speech, “Good partners are our relatives, who can provide us with guns and ammunition at critical moments and be our strongest backing. We hope that our partners are not only our growth companions, our dream companions, but also our partners. Together, we will strive for loftier ideals and loftier goals, and we will be able to share our joy, building and sharing together with SUPCON Technology for a symbiotic and win-win situation.”

Guo Biao shared a speech titled “Technological Innovation of the Times, Leading the Future of the Industry – SUPCON Technology Strategy and Product Technology Publicity”, he said, “SUPCON Technology relies on excellent products and technologies to establish a service for the process industry. The leading enterprise brand of automation, digitization and intelligence. At present, more and more enterprises take digital transformation and smart factory construction as their strategic direction. Central Control Technology will develop through 5T integration and integrate the power of the ecosystem to provide customers with New solutions to help customers succeed.”

Yu Haibin gave a report titled “Focus on Project Management, Work Together to Promote Benefit Improvement”. He pointed out, “Customer demand is the driving force for enterprise development, and serving customers is the only reason for the existence of an enterprise. It is necessary to establish a customer-centric value proposition, management System and strategic system to maximize the interests of customers. At the same time, it is necessary to deeply understand the triple constraints and core management of project management, the relationship between project cost and project business activities, project progress management, establish a management system with projects as operating units, and comprehensively promote Standardized, modernized and internationalized project management for enterprises.”

Zheng Xuan, assistant to the president of the quality management department, pointed out, “Quality is the foundation of central control technology. In the future, the focus of quality attention will shift from process operators to process designers, from production to system design and integration with business systems. The means of digitalization and informatization make it possible to predict the quality, and enter the era of quality 4.0 from quality 3.0.”

In addition, 12 “Strategic Partner” Awards, 32 “Excellent Supplier” Awards, 22 “Excellent Partner” Awards, 3 “Excellent Partner” Awards, and 4 “Same Boat Awards” were awarded at the meeting. We would like to express our thanks to all the service entrusting partners, distribution channel partners and supply channel partners who work hand in hand with SUPCON.

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Published on 09/07/2022