Comparison between FANUC & Yaskawa

FANUC company was founded in 1956, three years later first launched electro-hydraulic stepper motor, into the 70s, thanks to the rapid development of microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, especially computing technology, FANUC resolutely abandoned the electro-hydraulic stepper motor CNC products that made its fortune and began to transform. In 1976, FANUC successfully developed a numerical control system, and then jointly developed a high-level numerical control system with Siemens, and gradually became one of the strongest enterprises in the world in terms of numerical control system, design and manufacturing strength. Different brand enjoy different advantages like ABB Robot Fan 3HAC025466-001.

It is worth mentioning that Fanuc also applies the blade compensation function of CNC machine tool finishing to the Robot, and implants the blade compensation function from the algorithm, which makes the robot in the process of finishing and cutting can achieve a circle to go inside, and YASKAWA‘s robot itself does not have this function, to achieve this function can only be through secondary development for functional compensation, and this is also a very inconvenient place for some customers to report that YASKAWA robot is not very convenient.

However, Fanuc is not the best in the stability of the robot, in the process of full load operation, when the speed reaches 80%, the robot will alarm, which also shows that the overload capacity of the Fanuc robot is not very good. Therefore, Fanuc’s advantage lies in light-load, high-precision applications, which is why Fanuc’s miniaturized robots (24KG or less) are selling well.

Founded in 1915, it is Japan’s largest industrial robot company, headquartered in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture. In 1977, Yaskawa Electric developed and produced Japan’s first fully electrified industrial robot using its own motion control technology, and since then has successively developed various automated robots such as welding, assembly, painting, and handling, and has been leading the global industrial robot market.

Yaskawa Electric mainly produces servo and motion controllers are the key parts of manufacturing robots, has developed welding, assembly, spraying, handling and other automated operation robots, its core industrial robot products include: spot welding and arc welding robots, paint and processing robots, LCD glass plate transfer robots and semiconductor chip transfer robots, etc., is one of the earliest manufacturers to apply industrial robots to the field of semiconductor production.

Compared with Fanuc’s robots, the accuracy of Yaskawa robots is not so high, and on the basis of the same price, if customers require high precision, they will often choose Fanuc’s robots. But Yaskawa robot price advantage is obvious, can be said to be the four major brands of the lowest price, cost-effective, Yaskawa’s welding robot includes welding package, the quotation is only 13/140,000, compared with Panasonic’s welding robot, Yaskawa is taking the road of batch.

Published on 11/16/2022