Container robots have shipped more than 5,000 units worldwide

According to the data of China Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR) Industry Alliance and the statistics of the New Strategic Mobile robot Industry Research Institute,By the end of 2021, the cumulative global shipment of bin Robots has exceeded 5,000. Among them, the overseas market accounted for 55%, and the domestic market accounted for 45%.

Container robots have shipped more than 5,000 units worldwide

Container robots continue to evolve

As one of the mobile Robot categories for Industrial applications, the development of box-type storage robots stems from the continuous innovation of Chinese mobile robot manufacturers, and its official landing was in 2017.

At the beginning of 2017, Guozi Robot built a multi-layer bin picking robot Picking for the needs of Staples’ warehouse. Multiple SKU boxes can be carried at one time.

Container robots have shipped more than 5,000 units worldwide

China’s self-feeding box robot Staples warehouse application

On the basis of PICKING, Guozi subsequently launched PICKING Plus, which has a lifting height of more than 4m and can achieve synchronous operation of 5 to 8 material boxes at a time. A series of PICKING robot products with various heights and picking mechanism functions.

Also in 2017, in order to improve the stability and efficiency of the robot, Hairou, who started to develop a box-type warehouse robot as early as 2015, proposed to replace the lift-type operation with a clamping operation, and stabilize the movement of the material box by clamping two actions. As a result, Hairou launched the HAIPICK A2 single-box robot. Through the system adjustment, the collaborative operation of 8 Cooper robots was realized, and the HAIPICK 2.0 system was officially launched.

Container robots have shipped more than 5,000 units worldwide

Hairou Innovation Series Box Storage Robot

In 2017, Hikvision also launched related “cargo box-to-person” products. Since then, it has been iteratively upgraded, and has developed a variety of actuator types for container handling.

Container robots have shipped more than 5,000 units worldwide

Hikvision robot series “cargo to human” robot

In 2018, Hairou completed the research and development and design of the multi-bin robot system. The HAIPICK A41 robot can complete the picking and handling of 5 containers at one time.

Jizhijia began to develop the RoboShuttle series of box-type storage robots in 2016. In 2019, Jizhijia also launched the first box-to-person series single-box robot RoboShuttle RS2.

In 2019, the innovative HAIPICK A42 was launched, the efficiency was increased by 30%, the storage density was increased by 30%, and the MTBF was increased to 500 hours.

In 2020, Hairou innovatively launched HAIPICK A42D, a dual-deep container storage robot system, HAIPICK A42T, a shrinking and lifting box robot, and HAIPICK A42N, a carton picking robot.

In 2020, Kuaicang Smart launched two box-type storage solutions: collaborative and integrated storage.The collaborative picking solution leverages the respective advantages of robots: box-type storage robots flexibly pick and place boxes without leaving the shelf area, with high efficiency; handling robotsround trip withWorkstation and shelf area, less consumption, the workstation hits all the material boxes, improves handling efficiency and picking efficiency, and adopts traditional shelf shelves, which is low in cost. The integrated box handling solution for access has its own storage function, which can solve the problem of handling multiple material boxes at one time, which greatly improves the average access efficiency of a single material box.

In the same year, Jizhijia also launched a double-extension, multi-cargo box-type cargo box-to-human robot RS5, which adopts a double-extension design and supports a 1-meter narrow roadway, which can cover an ultra-wide stereo from 0.215 meters to 5 meters on the ground. storage.

In 2021, Jizhijia will launch the intelligent width-adjustable version of the container robot RS5-DA and the container robot RS8-DA with a maximum lifting height of 8145mm, which will be combined with the container lifting robot P40 as a new generation RoboShuttle solution.

In addition to the single box storage robot, Chinese mobile robot companies are also innovating in terms of solutions.

In 2020, Hairou released the HAIPORT automatic loading and unloading machine, which can be adapted to a full range of Cooper robots, and can be directly connected with the robot to realize the instant loading and unloading of multiple cargo boxes.

In 2020, on the basis of the bin robot, Kuaicang launched the QuickPick intelligent robot solution, which further improves the efficiency through the combination mode of “bin robot + one-layer cache + vehicle handling robot”. In 2021, the QuickPick solution will be iteratively upgraded,one step closerImproved picking efficiency.

Container robots have shipped more than 5,000 units worldwide

Kuaicang Intelligent Quick Pick 2.0 Case Picking Solution

At present, the series of box-type storage robots in the entire market has been relatively rich, and there have been certain breakthroughs in “depth” and “height”. Improvements, continuous optimization of software, and iterative upgrades of solutions.

The landing speed is accelerated, and the application is gradually deepened

After market cultivation in recent years, the technology and application of box-type storage robots are also deepening.

At the beginning of 2017, the first batch of more than 30 Picking robots from China went to the other side of the ocean, and successfully completed the demonstration at the demonstration site built by Staples. And in the same year, more than 100 robots were put into operation.In the following five years, Guozi has provided more than 2,000 bin robots for Staples.

In August 2021, with the signing of a new round of “robot service Agreement”, Guozi Robotics and Staples Corporation of the United States started a new five-year strategic cooperation. This is the second strategic cooperation between Guozi and Staples after 2017. In the next 5 years, as the only supplier, we will continue to provide intelligent warehouse robot systems for Staples warehouses.

Since 2015, the development of box-type storage robots has been carried out so far.At present, Hairou Innovation has implemented 300+ projects around the world, and the cumulative shipment of robots has exceeded 2,000 units.Hairou’s innovative Kubao system is widely used in third-party logistics, shoes and clothing, medicine, retail, e-commerce, electricity, 3C manufacturing and other industries, helping SF DHL, Best Logistics, Guodian, Philips, Li & Fung Supply Chain, Xinning Logistics Many domestic and foreign customers, including Wanyitong, Booktopia, etc., have achieved warehousing automation upgrades.

at the same time,Jizhijia, which officially launched its first product in 2019, has also launched its series of bin robot products in industries such as footwear and apparel, retail, medicine, and equipment manufacturing, realizing cluster scheduling and application of 80 bin robots in a single warehouse.while achieving a capacity of 800 boxes/hour in terms of station efficiency;The QuickPick intelligent robot solution created by QuickPick in Hongdi Technology was officially launched, etc.

Container robots have shipped more than 5,000 units worldwideJizhijia material box robot shoe and clothing industry application

It can be seen that the current application of bin robots is accelerating, the technology maturity is improving, and the industries and scenarios used are constantly expanding, which makes the market’s awareness of products continue to improve, and gradually enters the application explosion period.

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Published on 03/29/2023