[Cost reduction and efficiency increase]INVT cost-effective solvent-free compound machine system solution

Introduction of solvent-free compound machine

Solvent-free laminating machine is a device that uses solvent-free adhesive to compound two or more substrates. It originated from the European process and has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, hygiene, high efficiency and energy saving. Therefore, this equipment is suitable for It has a wide range, especially in the field of food and pharmaceutical packaging.

client needs

In a packaging machinery and equipment company in Jiangsu, the customer’s solvent-free laminating machine is a two-layer lamination, single-station winding and unwinding structure. The following requirements are put forward for the control system of the equipment:

  • Constant tension control
  • High control precision
  • High response speed
  • Improve overall efficiency
  • Save cabinet space

[Cost reduction and efficiency increase]INVT cost-effective solvent-free compound machine system solution

Figure 1 Equipment Diagram

INVT Solution

In response to the above requirements of customers, INVT provides customers with a system solution of HMI+ AX series programmable controller + Goodrive600 series high-performance multi-drive inverter. This solution has the characteristics of excellent tension control performance, fast response speed, high integration, and beautiful wiring. .

[Cost reduction and efficiency increase]INVT cost-effective solvent-free compound machine system solution

Figure 2 Scheme System Diagram

AX series product features:

  • The controller adopts ST high-level language programming, and the programming and debugging efficiency is high.
  • EtherCAT bus control, fast response, and the process effect is improved again.
  • Built-in process package, complex control, simplifying complexity.

Goodrive600 product features:

  • High speed control accuracy: ±0.2% for open-loop applications and ±0.02% for closed-loop applications.
  • The high-level deep book-type module design supports multiple side-by-side close-fitting installations, saving cabinet space.
  • The common DC bus scheme realizes the internal flow of energy, improves the power efficiency of the system, and realizes energy saving.
  • Quick integration: quick lap DC busbar design, fast parallel operation, saving wiring time and cost.

value of customer

01Energy saving up to 20%

The internal flow of energy is realized through the common DC bus scheme, which saves more than 20% energy compared with the conventional scheme.

02The overall efficiency is increased by 30%

Using EtherCAT high-speed industrial bus communication, it perfectly realizes the stable output of tension and speed, and can be adjusted in real time, which increases the speed of winding and unwinding by 30%.

03Save 40% of cabinet space

Goodrive600 series inverters are installed close to each other, saving 40% of the cabinet space compared to conventional inverters.

04 Stable and precise

  • The winding tension is stable, and the winding material does not deviate.
  • The overall line speed is stable and will not cause material loosening or stretching.
  • The target value of unwinding tension can be changed in real time according to the change of roll diameter.
  • The traction roller can adjust the feeding speed and frequency in real time, and the material will not stretch or loosen.

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Published on 08/31/2022