Create a new model of smart community · Candela Technology and Jinfeng Group have reached a strategic cooperation

On December 26, 2021, Candela Technology and Jinfeng Group reached a strategic cooperation. The signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation was held in Qingyuan, Guangdong. The two parties in this strategic cooperation are based on the concept of sharing resources and jointly building a smart community. Maximize the advantages, with the help of Candela Technologyservice RobotCreate a new smart community model, improve consumer experience, accelerate the construction of Jinfeng Group’s smart community, and help the upgrade of smart cities.

Strong alliance · Create a new model of smart community

This strategic cooperation will be through the strong alliance of technology companies and real estate developers, from infrastructure to servicesRobotBuilding a smart community in an all-round way is a unique and innovative model in the industry. The smart community solution from infrastructure construction to service robots can combine the actual application scenario and equipment operation to make the service scenario more extreme, and will promote the construction of smart communities to enter the next stage. milestone.

The purpose of this strategic cooperation is to build Yifang Jiangshan, a subsidiary of Jinfeng Group, into a new smart community, and to serve users in an all-round way through Candela technology service robots, mainly focusing on a series of community life scenarios such as unmanned distribution and smart sanitation, in the form of service robots. To create a new service model, in addition to improving the user experience, this model will also transform the smart community from concept to practical application.

Go hand in hand and build intelligent life with technological innovation

Candela Technology’s series of service robots can also be seen at the signing ceremony. The candlelight series is mainly used in indoor scenes. Through split design, different functional cabinets/boxes can be flexibly switched to meet the needs of various scenarios, and realize unmanned distribution, guidance, etc. . Sanitation robots focus on outdoor community cleaning and garbage transfer scenarios; Sunshine multi-functional logistics robots are the main equipment for outdoor transportation in community distribution. Combined with indoor candlelight series robots, they can realize indoor and outdoor integrated unmanned distribution. to seamless connection.

Candela Technology has reached a strategic cooperation with Jinfeng Group this time. The goal is to build a new smart community, which is a part of building a smart life; hand in hand, whether it is Candela Technology’s innovative products or Jinfeng Group’s smart community model, it will become a smart city. One of the classic cases under construction; the headquarter of Qingyuan Jinfeng Group is located in Qingyuan, Guangdong; the group has always adhered to the brand positioning of “wisdom changes life” to create a smart and comfortable living environment for Qingyuan citizens.Not only do long-term planning and in-depth development in the real estate and land development industry, but also in intelligent housing and real estateapplicationDoing avant-garde exploration in the field of science and technology, integrating technological products and intelligent life into the daily life of customers. Jinfeng Group will always adhere to the brand concept of “intelligence changes life”, and at the same time, with the strategic height of “promoting the city to move forward” as its goal, it is determined to become the first benchmark enterprise in Qingyuan that combines the development and application of intelligent technology with the real estate industry. The strategic cooperation between the two will provide a good practical experience for the construction of the entire smart community, and play a leading role in the construction of the national smart community.

Published on 09/07/2022