Creating a Win-Win Digital Future Schneider Electric Life Sciences Industry Ecosystem Summit was successfully held

On September 14, Schneider Electric Life Science Industry Ecosphere Summit was held in Wuxi. With the theme of “Co-creating a Win-Win Digital Future”, many well-known industry experts, customers and partners discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by the life science industry, focused on industry development trends, and shared digital transformation ideas and latest practices.

At present, the life sciences industry is facing multiple challenges such as accelerated digitalization process, servitization of medical manufacturing industry, rising market uncertainty and continuous improvement of sustainable development requirements. In this regard, Mr. Pang Xingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of the industrial automation business in China, pointed out: “In the face of uncertainty, resilience and high efficiency are the ‘breakthroughs’ for enterprise development. Schneider Electric relies on advanced digital technology and Rich experience in sustainable development, enabling enterprises in the life sciences industry with green intelligent manufacturing, and accelerating towards an open, resilient, efficient and sustainable future.”

Creating a Win-Win Digital Future Schneider Electric Life Sciences Industry Ecosystem Summit was successfully held

Pang Xingjian, Senior Vice President of Schneider Electric, Head of China Industrial Automation Business

Experts discuss the Tao and share innovative practices

  • Smart Facility Solutions Build Digital Cornerstone: Schneider Electric Smart Facility Solutions (BMS&EMS, PAS/DCS, SCADA, EMS+, etc.), will enable pharmaceutical companies to achieve compliant production, deep integration, monitoring, reduction of non-failure downtime, and reduced operations and maintenance costs. Aiming at the common pain points in the pharmaceutical packaging process, the Lexium MC12 flexible delivery system will effectively improve the performance and flexibility of the product delivery system, achieve efficient operation and maintenance, and improve economic benefits while ensuring quality and safety.
  • Efficient operation solutions help digital management and control: through full life cycle efficient operation solutions (cockpit, integrated operation center UOC, integrated design AVEVA E3D, asset information management middle platform AVEVA AIM and operation information management middle platform AVEVA PI System, EBR , MES, etc.), drive digital production with compliance data, reduce deviations and errors in the operational process, ensure compliance and transparency, further ensure operational security, reduce operational costs, and achieve visibility, control, and digitization.

At the summit, the guests visited the Schneider Electric Wuxi Innovation Demonstration Park online, walked into the end-to-end “lighthouse factory”, and fully understood how digital technology penetrates all links from procurement, production to delivery, through an efficient and agile end-to-end value chain. , to achieve comprehensive cost optimization and create a competitive advantage for sustainable growth.

Facing the future, Schneider Electric will continue to deepen the life science industry, work with partners to create a process and environment that is safe, compliant, stable, reliable, efficient, flexible, green and low-carbon, seize opportunities for industrial development, and achieve both economic and social benefits. Accelerate towards a digital future of “smart pharma”.

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Published on 09/19/2022