Dachang was killed again

Dachang was killed again: Qunar members are 11% more expensive than new users to buy air tickets, Ele.me new and old users buy the same product with different prices

Recently, on the 315 exposure stage, Meituan and Qunar were successively exposed to big data.

On March 3 this year, an anonymous user filed a complaint against the online travel platform “Qunar” on the Black Cat platform. He has been a plus member on the Qunar platform for more than a year.

However, when he used different accounts to inquire about the same flight at the same time, the ticket prices were different, and the account with a plus membership showed that the fare was 11% higher than that of the ordinary account.

When Mr. Gao from Wuhan, Hubei ordered takeout on Meituan, he found that at the same time, the same store’s package, and the same delivery location, the price on the friend’s software interface was lower than his own.

In fact, on the Meituan platform, it has been exposed that the prices of takeaways ordered by different people are different.

As early as 2020, the self-media “Father Drift” published an article titled “I was cut leeks by a member of Meituan”, which caused heated discussions. The article tells that after the author opened a Meituan takeaway membership, he found that the delivery fee of a store that he frequently ordered had changed from the usual 2 yuan to 6 yuan.

The author also did an experiment for this. In the same store on Meituan, the same delivery address, and the same time order, the delivery fee for the member account is still 6 yuan, while the non-member account is only 2 yuan.

After feedback to the customer service, the other party expressed their willingness to compensate the ten yuan red envelope. The telephone customer service supervisor said that it was beyond his scope and would report it to higher management.

The article also mentioned that, not only in the case of a store, but also in a mobile phone with a Meituan takeaway member, the delivery fee of almost all takeaway merchants in the vicinity basically exceeds the delivery fee of non-members by 1~5 yuan.

Now, big data has become a key word for consumer rights protection. Among them, big data in online shopping has the most problems, followed by online travel, food delivery and online car-hailing.

According to the results of a big data “killing” survey released by the Beijing Consumers Association, 86.91% of the respondents had the experience of being “killed” by big data. In addition, on the Black Cat Complaint Platform, there are more than 2,000 complaints about the “killing” of big data.

In addition to Meituan and Qunar that were exposed this time, other platforms have also been exposed to big data before.

In 2020, Didi was exposed to big data killing. Sun Jinyun, a professor at Fudan University, led the team to conduct a survey on “taxi-hailing software on mobile phones”. The team spent 50,000 yuan in five cities in China, collected more than 800 samples in conventional scenarios, and came up with a taxi report.

The report shows that Apple owners are more likely to be ordered by more expensive models such as special cars and Youxiang; if it is not an Apple mobile phone, the more expensive the mobile phone, the easier it is to be ordered by more expensive models.

Later, the Beijing Consumers Association named Fliggy and Ele.me for suspected big data killing and launched a related investigation.

The individual experience samples of Fliggy Travel and Ele.me show that new and old users buy the same goods (services) at different prices at the same time, which obviously violates the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

These operations have seriously violated the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and even sometimes consumers are aware of this kind of killing behavior, but they do not take corresponding rights protection actions.

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Published on 09/19/2022