Dadukou: Experts make robots in folk craftsmanship

In Xinrui Community, Chunhui Road Street, Dadukou, 37-year-old Ao Feihu is a down-to-earthrobotFan, I have been engaged in Robot production for 5 years, online shopping for accessories, hands-on design, polishing and assembling, and now more than 20 Robots have been produced.

Dadukou: Experts make robots in folk craftsmanship

Ao Feihu shows off his robot

People’s Daily Online Chongqing (correspondent Wang Man, Chen Zhuo, Tang Hongqiong) In Xinrui Community, Chunhui Road Street, Dadukou, 37-year-old Ao Feihu is a down-to-earth robot fan. He has been making robots for 5 years. With hands-on design, polishing and assembly, more than 20 robots have been manufactured. At the same time, he also shared all the steps, methods, experience, and drawings of his own robot production in the circle of friends, and shared the production experience with “makers”.

  A “spider” changed his life

On the afternoon of June 22, the author met 37-year-old Ao Feihu in Xinrui Community, a simple pure white shirt, a pair of sports and leisure trousers, and a small part for making a robot in his hand. engineering and technical male.

Ao Feihu used to be a geography teacher. In his 12-year teaching career, he has been diligent and hard-working, but he is more eager for some changes in his life. Ao Feihu said: “I love invention and creation since I was a child, and I want to use my expertise to participate in the city’s robot invention competition.”

So, using his spare time, Ao Feihu personally made a six-legged robot named “Spider”, which can crawl forward, and a pair of plastic wings made on the top of the fuselage can also make the robot fly forward. The “spider” robot won the first prize of the 2011 Chongqing Teaching Aids Invention, which made Ao Feihu very excited. So far, Ao Feihu fell in love with the invention of robot making. In his words: “inventing and making robots is not only a fun, but also a sense of achievement!”

Ao Feihu currently produces as many as 20 robots, and each robot has different functions. Some can crawl, some can fly, some can go uphill, some can dance… Ao Feihu gives each robot Robots have names, and his favorite is a “Flying Tiger” robot named after himself. “Seeing him dancing and dancing is like seeing my child, I feel happy and proud from the bottom of my heart.” Ao Feihu said happily.

  Make friends with “robot makers” through the internet

When it comes to robots, Ao Feihu’s words can’t be closed. He said: “Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I stay with the robots, wipe their shells, and see how they move around, and the mood will be inexplicable. Get well.” In order to find more like-minded folk makers, Ao Feihu joined a number of groups related to robot creation and invention, and exchanged experiences with more friends online.

“The Internet is a big platform, and you can always find many people with similar interests there.” Ao Feihu said with a smile that he has met many folk makers through the Internet, and they also hope to pass on the spirit of invention and innovation to the people around them. Ao Feihu found this group of people and formed a new group to conduct research and discussion.

This “robot creation group” with more than 300 members is like a harmonious big family, where everyone can talk about the ideas of robot production and creation, some sound whimsical, but some have been turned into Reality.

One day, the members of the group chatted as usual. As a result, some members came up with the idea of ​​setting up a festival for making robots – “Maker Festival”, which mainly provided robot enthusiasts with a free exhibition stage for finished products. “I thought this idea was great at the time!” Ao Feihu introduced. With everyone’s support and cooperation, we gathered our robot works for exhibition at the negotiated location, and explained the functions of our works to each other. , Features, exchange production experience. “A lot of inspiration burst out during the interaction, creativity flashed, and everyone was immersed in the joy of thinking collision.” Ao Feihu said happily.

  Record the video and upload it to the professor online

Making robots is a healthy hobby for Ao Feihu. “Invention and creation are conducive to divergent thinking, drawing inferences from one case, and realizing innovation.” This is what Ao Feihu has learned from making robots for more than five years.

Nowadays, examination-oriented education focuses on coping with examinations, and the training of children’s thinking is relatively lacking. However, in the current era of increasingly fierce social competition, it has become particularly important to cultivate children’s innovative thinking and innovative ability, and to be a maker education. Only after children enter the society can they survive in the competition better.

In order to make more children fall in love with inventions and create their own way of thinking, Ao Feihu recorded the process of making robots into videos and uploaded them to social networking software, so that children can see the wonderful moments of creation and invention. Parents often come to comment, saying that their children like watching the videos shared by Mr. Ao, and after watching them, they find similar materials at home and start fiddling around, and they are no longer addicted to electronic products and online games, which makes parents very happy.

“My circle of friends is basically about developments related to the invention and creation of robots, or I went to a museum to visit a novel robot today, or news about new technologies being developed abroad.” Ao Feihu said with a smile, he had no idea. I pay attention to the invention of robots all the time, think about how to make more intelligent robots, search for relevant information everywhere, spread relevant information, and hope to share the unique charm of technology with more people, especially the next generation.

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Published on 05/03/2023