Deep Rock Zero Carbon Technology Ji Wenxuan: Sustainable development in the era of stock requires digital empowerment of building transformation

On August 18, at the press conference of Schneider Electric’s “Carbon Reduction Master” program, Ji Wenxuan, COO of Deep Rock Zero Carbon Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. With years of rich experience in the construction industry, he shared industry insights on the digital transformation of buildings in the stock era.

Deep Rock Zero Carbon Technology Ji Wenxuan: Sustainable development in the era of stock requires digital empowerment of building transformation

Ji Wenxuan, COO of Shenshi Zero Carbon Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

At present, the “dual carbon” goal has entered the stage of practice, and as the construction market moves towards the stock era, the industry urgently needs to transform to adapt to sustainable development in the new era, Ji Wenxuan said: “For the construction industry in the stock era, The demand for transformation comes not only from meeting the needs of laws, regulations and policies, and the company’s own ESG development goals, but also to meet the customer’s development goals for building energy conservation and comfort, and the owners’ return on investment, etc. This undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for the industry. challenge.”

Faced with the goals and challenges of transformation, the application of new technologies is the best means to achieve sustainable buildings. Through the increasing improvement of building technology and the in-depth application of energy technology, the coupling of distributed renewable energy and buildings can be enhanced, and natural conditions can be fully utilized to reduce the total energy consumption; and the application of digital technology can maximize building technology and clean energy. Combined with the benefits generated, the return on investment is improved while ensuring the safety, beauty and comfort of the building.

Regarding the application of digital technology, Ji Wenxuan emphasized: “Digital technology is an important tool to help the transformation of buildings, but more importantly, it is necessary to truly exert the value of digitalization in the operation stage of the building, that is, through the integration of software and hardware to optimize building equipment management, improve Operation and maintenance efficiency, improve quality and efficiency through full life cycle management. For example, through the Schneider Electric microgrid solution, it can improve the use efficiency of renewable energy in buildings and promote the optimization of energy management. Empowerment in the comprehensive application of digital technology Under these conditions, the existing buildings can complete the transformation and finally achieve a balance in the three aspects of the owner’s operating efficiency, the operation and maintenance party’s work efficiency, and the people-oriented customer experience, so as to achieve the carbon reduction goal of the building.”

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Published on 09/03/2022