Development Status of Intelligent Robot Industry

After the financial crisis, global intelligenceRobotThe industry is developing rapidly, the market scale is expanding, and the sales volume has continued to increase. Among them, the sales volume in China has reached 138,000 units, followed by about 40,000 units in South Korea, and about 38,000 units in Japan. The following is an analysis of the development status of the intelligent Robot industry.
The key technologies of intelligent robots include vision, sensing, human-computer interaction and mechatronics, etc., which can be divided intoindustryRobots and service robots. The analysis of the intelligent Robot industry pointed out that the global intelligent robot enterprise structure is mainly composed of industrial robots, personal/home robots, and industrial service robots, accounting for 15%, 43%, and 42% respectively.
In the development of intelligent robots in various countries, the intelligent robot technology of the United States has always been in a leading position in the world. Its technology is comprehensive, advanced, adaptable, reliable in performance, comprehensive in functions, and high in accuracy. Its vision, touch and other artificial intelligence The technology has been widely used in aerospace and automobile industries.
Due to a series of support policies in Japan, various types of robots, including intelligent robots, have developed rapidly. European countries are recognized as leaders in the world in the research and application of intelligent robots. The development status of the intelligent robot industry points out that China started late, and then entered a period of vigorous development, in order to use robots as a medium to promote the change of the entire manufacturing industry and promote the growth of the entire high-tech industry.
The demand for intelligent robots in my country has surged since 2010. Since 2013, it has surpassed Japan and surpassed Europe in 2014. By 2016, the annual sales volume of China’s intelligent robots was 87,000 units, accounting for 30% of the total global sales. It has been three consecutive years. Become the world’s largest industrial robot consumer market.
In 2017, the annual sales volume of intelligent robots in my country was 95,000 units, accounting for 34% of the global total. The products have been tried by many robot manufacturers. It can be said that the reducer is a key factor restricting the development of my country’s intelligent robot industry. Overcoming the technology of the reducer is an inevitable choice for the industrialization of domestic intelligent robot enterprises.
In 2018, the annual sales volume of intelligent robots in my country was 105,000 units, accounting for 38% of the global total. The development status of the intelligent robot industry points out that the density of intelligent robots in my country is 68 units. According to this calculation, the compound growth rate in the past three years will exceed 30%. It is estimated that by 2020, the density of intelligent robots in my country will reach more than 150 units.
In the field of national defense, military intelligent robots have received unprecedented attention and development. Our country has developed the second generation of military intelligent robots, which are characterized by the use of autonomous control methods, which can complete tasks such as reconnaissance, combat and logistics support. It can automatically track terrain and select roads, and has the function of automatically searching, identifying and destroying enemy targets.
In the field of service, our country has been devoting time to the research and development and extensive application of service intelligent robots. Taking cleaning robots as an example, with the progress of science and technology and the development of society, people hope to be more free from tedious daily affairs out, which makes it possible for cleaning robots to enter the home.
In the next few years, my country’s domestic intelligent robots will develop rapidly, and the domestic intelligent robot controller application market will face a good opportunity for development, especially for enterprises that have been deeply involved in the field of motion control for many years. Chinese enterprises will also continue to break through the technical bottleneck and strengthen the construction of product research and development and industrialization projects, including companies such as Estun and Huichuan Technology. The above is the analysis of the development status of the intelligent robot industry.
Source: China Lecture Hall

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Published on 09/15/2022