Digital empowerment accelerates the overall resumption of the industrial chain

Affected by the epidemic, the home furnishing industry is facing new challenges. On the one hand, due to the progress of designers and workers returning to work, orders cannot be quickly converted into design drawings, and it is difficult for factories to fully resume production; on the other hand, due to the process of reopening stores, many new products cannot be displayed and released in a timely manner, and consumption cannot be effectively connected. need. How to solve these “pain points”? Guangdong Sunway Home Information Technology Co., Ltd., an Internet platform for the home furnishing industry, known as the “router” in the home furnishing industry, recently announced that it has launched a new tool for “Sunway Home Solution Island” and “Sunway Home AI Intelligent Design”, which are widely used by custom home furnishing enterprises and stores. At the same time, it will further promote its new retail solution of Sunway Home Laiping, which cooperates with Alibaba Laiping e-commerce, as well as Sunway Home’s “Walking to Meijia Wangpu” digital store solution. Through digital empowerment, it helps the home furnishing industry gather together for heating, and solves the problem of “lack of traffic at the front end and lack of workers in production”.

“The most urgent problem in the home furnishing industry is the marketing problem, which is related to the acquisition and operation of traffic, including the source of passenger flow after resumption of work, as well as the marketing capabilities, design capabilities, and production scheduling capabilities of factories and store terminals.” Sunway Home Founder and CEO Cai Zhisen said that it is precisely around the “shortcomings” that have been exposed recently in the industry that Sunway Home is based on the industry-leading Alibaba industrial cloud platform, the home industry interconnection digital operation system, and has launched a series of solutions to help the overall resumption of the home industry chain.

On the marketing side, help home furnishing companies to build 24-hour online digital exhibition halls in “Laying Flat” and “Walking to Meijia”, and through digital store tools such as VR exhibition halls and online live broadcasts, customers can interact with the store without visiting the store; On the design side, the cloud measuring room mini-program was launched urgently, and the limited and free discounts of “Sanweijia Plan Island” and “Sanweijia AI Intelligent Design” were launched, allowing designers to measure rooms online without leaving home, and promote the completion of various home design solutions in the The corporate marketing channel system and terminal stores are shared.

At the same time, focusing on the needs of more than 6,000 first-line home furnishing brands and more than 2 million designer users, a large number of high-quality design solutions have been launched, providing one-click copying and fast copying of artificial intelligence, reducing the dependence of enterprises and stores on designers; on the production side, optimizing the three-dimensional The integrated front-end and back-end production system has functions such as one-click order placement, automatic order disassembly, and multi-order mixed production scheduling, which further promotes the seamless connection between production and processing data and production equipment, improves collaboration efficiency, and reduces labor requirements.

According to reports, Sunway Home’s package of industrial Internet application solutions has been rapidly implemented in the industry. The results of a recent survey led by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology show that with the support of Internet platforms for the home furnishing industry such as Sunway Home, the local customized home furnishing industry chain has accelerated the overall resumption of work, and the operating conditions of some companies have been no worse than the same period in previous years.

Yao Liangsong, chairman of the industry’s leading enterprise OPAI Home Furnishing, introduced that after the Spring Festival, the company once faced problems such as the difficulty of store designers to meet consumer demands and the obstruction of factory production. 8,000 terminal store designers quickly resumed work online. During the period, OPPEIN placed orders with one click through the integrated industrial Internet application of design and production. The average daily order volume of design drawings directly to the factory production system reached 245 orders, accounting for 66.45% of all retail orders, which effectively reduced the disadvantages caused by shutdowns. influences. Yao Liangsong said: “The most important thing is that these digital tools can be used quickly, traffic is paid according to results, and enterprises and stores can control marketing costs within 5%.”

According to the survey, through the front-end and back-end integrated production system, during the epidemic, Sunway Home has helped 418 factories to resume work and production, and the total number of orders has exceeded 50,000.

The performance of the new retail blessing is also remarkable. Through “Walking to Meijia” and the new retail solution of Sunway Home Laying Flat, various scene-based content e-commerce companies accelerate the transformation of online consumption. According to statistics, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the average daily number of visits to Liping has reached more than 3 million, and the cumulative sales of more than 6 million orders have been generated, with an estimated sales of more than 3 billion yuan.

“The challenges faced by the home furnishing industry are mainly concentrated in two aspects, namely, the acquisition and operation of front-end traffic, and the efficiency of back-end production. With the help of industrial Internet applications to speed up the overall resumption of the industrial chain, solve online remote design, production, Helping small and medium-sized enterprises to divert orders is not only the need to deal with the impact of the epidemic, but also the only way to transform and upgrade the home furnishing industry in the future. This is also the goal of Sunway Home’s package solution.” Cai Zhisen said that the digital transformation of home furnishing is ushering in the rapid development of new opportunity. Next, on the one hand, Sunway Home will make full use of its digital tool matrix to help custom home furnishing companies solve online design and production problems and strengthen online collaboration; Consumption forms orders, so that the capillaries between stores and consumers, stores and factories are smooth at high speed, and solve core problems such as collaborative design, traffic empowerment, and smart production of home furnishing enterprises.

Published on 10/09/2022