Drones: Small Form Factors Drive Big Convergence

In recent years, there have been more and more applications of drones in the civilian field. Whether it is emergency search and rescue, traffic guidance or variety show shooting, drones have a “useful place”, and their application in the field of news reporting has more unique advantages : Break through the limitations of space and enhance the three-dimensional sense of news reports.

In 2015, the news that the United States allowed some media to use drones to report caused a shock in the media industry. Subsequently, various media in our country also tested the drone project, a group of drone reporting teams were formed, and drone channels began to appear on major websites.
As one of the achievements of the development of artificial intelligence, drones have opened up a new reporting mode for the media. When the immediate text live broadcast method cannot meet the needs of the audience to obtain information, the drones are inserted into the news report. wing”. Although helicopter aerial photography has been used in news reports as early as the 20th century, the high price and constraints of various factors make it difficult to popularize.
In addition to the characteristics of convenient application and high efficiency, low price is the key factor for the popularity of drones in the media. The reporter saw on an online sales platform that the price of drones ranges from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the sales volume is also increasing. The consumer drone market is constantly expanding.
The low price brings the expansion of application groups. In addition to traditional media, many self-media have also begun to use drones for information dissemination. Among them, the combination with the newly emerging online live broadcast platform is the most common way. For example, in addition to the well-known self-media person Wu Xiaobo’s “first show” of network drones, Xiaomi drones were also released live in May, and they also attracted a lot of fans while testing their performance. (Liu Chao, reporter from Guangming.com)

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Published on 10/19/2022