Dubai World Expo ushered in China National Pavilion Day, UBTECH Robot Shows China’s AI Innovation

On January 10, local time, the China National Pavilion Day at the Dubai World Expo was held.Under the epidemic, the China Pavilion innovatively adopted theRobotVolunteers receive guests attending the event.The panda Robot Youyou, a large-scale humanoid independently developed by Ubisoft Technologyservice RobotWalker, the commercial service robot Cruzr (Cruzr), and the Wukong robot are on duty on each floor of the China Pavilion, performing their respective duties.

On the China National Pavilion Day, the panda robot Youyou, the messenger of peace and friendship, warmly welcomed the guests at the entrance of the China Pavilion and demonstrated the characteristic friendly etiquette. Modern technology and traditional culture are beautifully “encountered”, and Chinese culture and the spirit of the World Expo are organically integrated, allowing everyone to feel China’s long history, unique culture and innovative technology.

Ubisoft panda robot Youyou received leaders and guests who participated in China National Pavilion Day activities

Up to now, the panda robots Youyou and Walker X have been working in the China Pavilion for more than three months, serving more than 800,000 tourists, and have received nearly 600 lectures in total. Guests from the government, business and business circles and VIP delegations from various countries and regions interacted.They have created the first large-scale humanoid service robot in human history to be truly commercializedapplicationThis is also the first time that a large-scale humanoid service robot has stably provided such a long-term intelligent guide service in the world’s top events.

The panda robot Youyou introduces exhibition items such as the Chinese Panda Ecology Scroll in the Smart Ecology Sub-Exhibition Area of ​​the China Pavilion

The large-scale humanoid service robot Walker X introduces China’s highest scientific and technological achievements in the Beidou exhibition area of ​​the China Pavilion

Three Cruzr robots, as “new employees” hired by the China Pavilion, officially took up their posts on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UAE. At the moment of the epidemic, Cruzr has unique advantages such as contactless service, continuous operation and in-depth scene interaction. In the face of tens of thousands of tourists, Cruzr robots can work without isolation, and provide tourists with explanation and consultation services on each floor of the China Pavilion, which effectively relieves the reception pressure of on-site explainers and reduces China’s risk of infection in on-site operations.

UBTECH Cruzr robot provides intelligent services for China Pavilion at Dubai World Expo

As the “Official Only” of the China Pavilion at the Dubai World Exposmart robotPartner”, Ubisoft Robot has been recognized by guests, audiences and media from all over the world on the international stage of the World Expo, and has become a “social business card” of the country’s advanced productivity, delivering Chinese AI to the world.

During the “Guangdong Week” of the China Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo, UBTECH participated in the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Interactive Exhibition and the United Arab Emirates Shenzhen Boutique Exhibition as a representative of Shenzhen science and technology enterprises, showing the advanced technology enterprise style and Shenzhen’s leading science and technology innovation force on the world stage.At the launching ceremony of the “Shenzhen Day” of the China Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo held on January 11, the panda robot Youyou in Dubai was in real time with the Shenzhen venue.videoConnect, lead the global audience to immersely watch the World Expo site. The friendship between Shenzhen and Dubai has a long history. In 2018, the two sides formally established a friendship exchange city. In the future, Shenzhen, the “City of Miracles”, will also join hands with Dubai, the “Miracle in the Desert”, to exert synergy and promote prosperity and development together.

Ubisoft panda robot Youyou in real time at Dubai and Shenzhen venuesvideoconnect

Sultan Al-Shamshi, Assistant Minister of International Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the UAE, said that in recent years, the “Belt and Road” initiative has brought closer political, economic, cultural, and scientific and technological exchanges between China and UAE, and the two sides have deepened their participation in this World Expo. Through exchanges and cooperation, the relationship between China and Afghanistan will open a new chapter.

Currently, major countries in the Middle East have formulated digital transformation and artificial intelligence strategies to promote sustainable economic development. Tan Min, chief brand officer of UBTECH, said: “We are committed to working with local partners to promote the implementation of artificial intelligence technology and applications in the Middle East, and provide technological support for the Middle East in artificial intelligence education, commercial services, and smart epidemic prevention. “Recently, for the AI ​​application under the “2030 Vision” plan, the Saudi government has purchased a number of Cruzr units for epidemic prevention and control. In addition to the Middle East, UBTECH also provides services in overseas countries and regions such as the United States, Russia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Innovation is the driving force for high-quality development. UBTECH will continue to use intelligent robots as the carrier and artificial intelligence technology as the core to serve the solution of major social problems and meet major social needs, serve the world with China’s original scientific and technological achievements, and help build A high-quality community with a shared future for mankind.

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Published on 09/20/2022