Ecovacs Robots: The Dream Chasing Journey Behind “Robot Imagination Show”

AsiaIndustrial NetNews: Domestic Home ServiceRobotThe brand “Cobos Robot” recently launched the 4th “Robot Creation Show” competition to create a communication platform for Robot enthusiasts, show creativity, and tell stories about robots.

Ecovacs Robots: The Dream Chasing Journey Behind “Robot Imagination Show”

Zhao Zhengyun (left) and Fu Yunpeng (right), the winners of the first prize of the 2016 Creation Show Design-BONI Pet Companion Robot Project

From pet lovers to makers, love and creativity sparked a spark

Last spring, Zhao Zhengyun, a junior at the School of Design of Jiangnan University, participated in the “Robot Creation Show” competition through the posters on the school’s publicity column, completed his conceptual design work BONI pet companion robot, and finally won the design of the competition. other prizes.

As for why he wants to make a pet companion robot, Zhao Zhengyun’s reasons are very clear. He is a pet lover. To be a pet companion robot is to see his pets unattended at home and hand them over to pet shops or friends, but a lot of unpleasant things happened. , and the existing pet companion devices are functionally defective and cannot meet individual needs.

Zhao Zhengyun believes that owners who love pets will regard their pets as family members and partners, and will not be stingy with their consumption and investment in pets, and will hope to give their pets a better life to the maximum extent they can bear. Because of this, Zhao Zhengyun is so eager to change the pain of separation of pets and owners.

He used his spare time to conduct in-depth research on the pet and pet equipment market. Zhao Zhengyun showed his research report, saying that China’s pet market is huge, and the number of pets has a high upward trend every year.

From student makers to entrepreneurship, there is a big gap in the middle

With ideas, enthusiasm, and product design foundation, plus the achievements of the creative show, Zhao Zhengyun called his classmate Fu Yunpeng, and some part-time support from his classmates, and started the product development in his mind. “With this presentation file, I persuaded my graduate design tutor, and let the tutor see the value brought by this design if it can be implemented, and made BONI my graduation project.”

As a brand new product, the design of the BONI pet companion robot is very unique. The design of the two-wheeled tumbler ensures that the equipment is not “harassed” by pets and operates normally.

Ecovacs Robots: The Dream Chasing Journey Behind “Robot Imagination Show”

BONI Pet Companion Robot Prototype

BONI is divided into two parts: the host and the charger. The host has functions such as remote two-way video, local companion entertainment, feeding, etc. This combination is similar to the sweeping robot of Ecovacs Robot. In addition, Zhao Zhengyun’s team is currently planning to develop a mobile APP to increase the function of social interaction.

Although the product development plan was clear, technical issues such as program development and the adaptation of the return technology research and development still gave Zhao Zhengyun and Fu Yunpeng great resistance. The biggest challenge of product development is that BONI involves a wide range of technical fields and requirements, and they need to spend more energy to learn to achieve.

Fortunately, the technology that BONI needs to apply is relatively mature in the market, and ready-made technologies can be integrated according to design guidance.At present, BONI products have been used3D printingSeveral versions of the model have been made, and there is still a certain distance from the model.

With the advancement of product research and development, technical details problems continue to flow, but the most important thing is financial difficulties. “The issue of funding, Ecovacs has solved my immediate needs. In the competition a year ago, I learned that Ecovacs was looking for excellent projects to support entrepreneurship in the competition. I contacted Ecovacs and started It took several months of communication and negotiation.” Zhao Zhengyun recalled.

As for why provide it for free? Qian Dongqi, chairman of Ecovacs Robotics, explained that there is a big gap for students to go from makers to entrepreneurship. It is easy to go from idea to concept, but the commercialization path from concept to product development, for a few ordinary students It was too difficult, and the Ecovacs robot helped him for free. Qian Dongqi said that there are no restrictive conditions for free sponsorship. “When they cross this threshold and get the angel fund, they can really embark on the path of entrepreneurship.”

It is reported that because Qian Dongqi saw this gap, this year’s Imagination Show decided to add a “Dream Startup Fund” of 150,000 yuan, which was awarded to the winner of the “Entrepreneurship Coffee” in the competition, and the winner will receive an Ecovacs robot The investment docking, Ecovacs Robot Dandelion Incubation Accelerator and the whole industry chain support.

From dream to reality, we are not afraid of questioning, we are young people with stupid energy

About to graduate, facing another choice in life, Zhao Zhengyun and Fu Yunpeng said that they will continue to take the road of entrepreneurship. In the face of the next difficulties and the surrounding doubts and oppositions, Zhao Zhengyun said that in his opinion, difficulties will exist all the time. Rejection and doubt are the mechanisms for human beings to protect themselves, and they must have enough confidence and courage to face them. Perseverance and perseverance is the only way to break down these barriers. “According to the plans of Zhao Zhengyun and Fu Yunpeng, BONI already has a prototype product that has realized basic functions, and the next step is to develop a fully functional first-generation product.

From dream to reality, the team of Zhao Zhengyun and Fu Yunpeng realized their first step in chasing their dreams with the courage of young people who are not afraid of failure. Now, the 4th Ecovacs Robot “Creation Show” is in full swing. I believe that more young people will shine on this stage with their creativity and passion like them.

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Published on 10/09/2022