Education is dead, hardware is alive

Education is dead, hardware is alive

Before the “double reduction policy” was issued, everyone thought it was just a cloudy day as usual. Unexpectedly, this time is a big purge for the education and training market; salary cuts, layoffs, transformation, and closures have become the group portraits of current education and training institutions.

Amidst the sorrow, the era of education and training, which was once vigorous and even barbaric, came to an end.

Education, however, is a wide enough track—and once the grime is washed away, another opportunity on the track becomes clearer amid the turmoil, showing great potential.

This opportunity is educational hardware.

Move to education hardware

“Educational hardware is a new opportunity,” said a practitioner in the education industry when talking about the impact of the “double reduction policy”.

After the “Double Reduction” policy was issued, education and training institutions were in disarray, with capital ebb, stock prices plummeting, and business unsustainable. “Survival” became the top priority. Under the chaos, the surviving educational and training institutions have sought transformation one after another – and educational hardware has thus become a “new anchor for competition”.

Homework is planning to launch its first smart desk lamp around August 2021, and has already launched a tablet project. At the same time, TAL and New Oriental have also been revealed to be planning a smart desk lamp project. In addition, it is reported that Yuanfudao has signed orders for smart writing boards with the factory, and has established a hardware team in Shenzhen.

For education and training institutions, the transformation action seems to be a stressful response under heavy pressure, and the educational hardware is regarded as the existence of “life-saving straw”, but from the perspective of industry trends and strategies, it is difficult to switch to education. Hardware is a good move.

Education is dead, hardware is alive

Three days before the “double reduction” policy was issued, six departments including the Ministry of Education issued the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of New Educational Infrastructure and Building a High-Quality Education Support System”, proposing that by 2025, a structurally optimized, intensive and efficient system will be formed. Safe and reliable education new infrastructure system.

Among them, it is mentioned that it is necessary to guide the development of subject teaching software that supports teachers’ preparation for teaching, online teaching and research, and online teaching, as well as personalized resources, equipment, and tools that meet the learning needs of special education students.

It is not difficult to see that the state is not opposed to the digitalization of education, and hopes to use technology and digital means to improve the quality of education and provide high-quality resources; this does not contradict the rectification and management of online education by the “double reduction” policy.

“Double reduction is actually redistributing the time occupied by subject teaching in schools and families,” Zhou Shuang, a partner of Blue Elephant Capital, told Lei That is to say, the rectification focuses on the unreasonable distribution of educational resources and the disorder of education and training, rather than on technology.

At the educational environment level, the gap in educational guidance brought about by the decentralization of the “double reduction” policy requires a certain buffer time. At present, the main position of public school education reform has the problem of insufficient carrying capacity, and family education is still in its infancy. How to face the shortage of educational resources and improve the quality and efficiency of education has become a problem that both schools and families need to think about and face.

At this time, educational hardware has become a breakthrough. On the one hand, educational hardware can play an auxiliary role in education to a certain extent and help improve the quality of education; The carrier seeks a way of realizing it in the case of compliance.

For educational and training institutions, it is not difficult to switch from online education to the hardware track. “The threshold for educational hardware is not high, its form is not so high-tech, the hardware chain is very mature, and there is a ready-made industrial chain,” Zhou Shuang, a partner of Blue Elephant Capital, told

To a certain extent, the transformation of educational and training institutions into the hardware field is still inseparable from the power of capital.

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Published on 10/09/2022