Evolution Robot launches catering welcome robot, focusing on drainage and labor saving

OFweekRobotNet News Recently, Evolution Robotics announced in Beijing that it has officially launched Xiaopang, a catering welcome service Robot, which focuses on entertainment interaction and self-writing advertising functions. . This move means that Evolution Robot is gradually improving Robot products and ecosystems, and realizing the dream of robots entering human life.

Evolution Robot launches catering welcome robot, focusing on drainage and labor saving

China is a big country in catering, and catering consumption accounts for 11% of the total retail consumption of the whole society. There are more than 6 million catering stores nationwide. Although the emergence and expansion of food delivery platforms have shared a lot of costs, high rent and labor costs still put forward higher requirements for the transformation and passenger flow of offline restaurants.

The welcome robot Xiaopang released by Evolver this time focuses on entertainment and interactive functions, and strives to solve the problem of difficult drainage or irritability in offline restaurants. It can combine the restaurant’s special dishes and signature dishes with the current popular jokes. Interacting with customers through voice makes the process of waiting in line during peak hours more interesting.

In addition, Xiaopang, a catering service robot, adopts core technologies such as coordinate positioning and navigation and independent programming independently developed by Evolver. Through ultrasonic, infrared, touch, vision and other sensor recognition and mileage calculation, it can It can work within a certain range, and has both PC and mobile APP visual operation interface.

It is worth mentioning that restaurant owners and waiters can reduce the learning cost of the robot through the “fool-like” operation of Xiaopang, and can set a safe range of motion to make it truly a good helper and good partner for work.

It is reported that the evolution robot is mainly engaged in the field of service robots, and is committed to combining robot technology with artificial intelligence technology to make robots a partner in human life. Its R&D team mainly comes from Beihang University, Intel, China Mobile and other well-known institutions and companies. , has completed the A round of financing.

Wei Ran, the company’s founder and CEO, revealed that, focusing on the core value of application scenarios and customer needs, Evolver Robot has now created Xiaopang, a service robot with distinctive features for families, banks, and restaurants, hoping to combine existing industry and technological development level, and realize the value embodiment and commercialization exploration of service robots.

At present, Xiaopang, a catering service robot, has opened reservations to the evolutionary distribution service channels.

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Published on 10/09/2022