Exoskeleton robot officially released related concept stocks worthy of attention

AsiaIndustrial Networknews: withrobotWith the continuous advancement of technology, there is already a precedent for using exoskeletons to help people with disabilities recover. China’s exoskeleton Robot is officially released, which will greatly promote the development of the disability medical market.

Exoskeleton robot officially released related concept stocks worthy of attention

Exoskeleton robot officially released

According to media reports, my country’s self-developed exoskeleton robot FourierX1 was officially released in Shanghai recently. This is China’s first commercial exoskeleton robot in the true sense. It has achieved zero breakthrough in this field in China and will allow patients with lower limb paralysis or hemiplegia to walk with dignity with the help of assistive devices.

It is expected that the price of FourierX1 will be only one-third to one-fifth of that of similar foreign products. At present, countries such as Israel and Japan have launched exoskeleton Robots, but the price of a single set is as high as 600,000 to 1 million yuan, which limits its large-scale industrialization process. After FourierX1 was put into the market, the product price dropped sharply, which provided conditions for the large-scale industrial application of exoskeleton robots.

Data show that the number of physically disabled people in my country alone exceeds 20 million, and the agency estimates that the global potential market space is 100 billion.

Orient Securities believes that the application of exoskeleton robots in the field of rehabilitation has been recognized by the authority of the US military, and exoskeleton robots will open up applications in the military and medical rehabilitation markets.Exoskeleton robot pioneers represented by Rewalk and Ekso have formed a relatively mature product series after multiple product iterations, but due to downstream recognition and cost-effectiveness issues, they have not entered the market.industrymass production stage.

The U.S. military’s recognition of exoskeleton robots undoubtedly provides a strong endorsement. The bulk purchases from the military will also promote the improvement of the supply chain and the improvement of products, and form a stimulating effect on the procurement needs of individuals in society. Exoskeletons The supply and demand ends of robots will become more mature and enter the stage of real industrialization.

It is estimated that the potential demand for exoskeleton robots in the global medical rehabilitation market alone will reach 97 billion US dollars, and it is expected to become the first large-scale sub-product in the field of service robots in the world.

mechanicalExoskeleton concept stocks are worthy of attention

The debut of domestic commercial exoskeleton robots means that investment opportunities in the industrial chain have been opened. Among A-share listed companies, mechanical exoskeleton concept stocks deserve our attention.

It is recommended to pay attention to domestic listed companies, Cixing shares and Ekso team in-depth cooperation, Dima shares related products have already met the conditions for industrialization, will benefit the most, and Truking Technology, which is jointly developed with the National Defense University of Science and Technology, will also benefit.

Cixing Co., Ltd.: the main business is the research and development, production and sales of computerized knitting machinery. It is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to improving the technical level of knitting machinery in my country, promoting the development and progress of knitting technology, and realizing the industrial upgrading of the knitting industry.

Dima Co., Ltd.: mainly engaged in the manufacture, sale and after-sales service of special-purpose vehicles including bulletproof cash transport vehicles and police vehicles. According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2000, the company’s market share of bulletproof cash transport vehicles ranked first in China.

Truking Technology: It is a mechatronics high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of pharmaceutical equipment. Truking has set up a state-recognized enterprise technology center, and established a post-doctoral research station collaborative R&D center and a pharmaceutical equipment engineering technology research center.

The above is the relevant content of exoskeleton robots compiled by Xiejing Fortune. With the continuous development of exoskeleton robots, related concept stocks in the future market are expected to be hotly funded. Investors are advised to pay attention as soon as possible.

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Published on 12/12/2022