Festo Festo | Bionic technology in the world

The sky carries countless legends

Thousands of years ago, people were obsessed with soaring in the sky

The ocean, bred with ancient myths

As the place where life begins, it is full of wonder and mystery

From the story of “Nuwa mending the sky” and “Jingwei filling the sea”

to “Shenzhou spacecraft”, “Jiaolong submersible” and other technologies

People’s exploration of the sky and ocean never stops

Festo, even more so

For 25 years, Fei’s bionic robots have been “going up and down”In the process of maturing and perfecting step by stepNot only are they getting lighter and smarterApproaching natural prototypes in appearance and functionAutomation technology based on bionic technology also play an important role in the industrial field heaven. In 2007, the air ray Air_Ray came out controlled wing flap driver can soar freely in the air. 
Festo Festo | Bionic technology in the world
This is the first time that Festo has successfully combined high-efficiency technology with a natural model. Lightweight carbon fiber structure. The two driving methods are integrated. The intelligent bird that can fly and land autonomously with only flapping wings demonstrates the characteristics of functional integration, resource saving, and optimized airflow.
In industrial applications, functional integration provides data support for the development and optimization of hybrid drive technology.Fast, high-precision linear drive technology. In hydroelectric generators (wing-stroke generators) and new drives for process automation, smart birds provide direction early on.Today, Festo applies its expertise in the field of fluid dynamics to the development of a new generation of cylinders and valves.Take up less space, better flow, and more energy efficientof compact products.

It is another masterpiece of “God Robot” with extremely low material cost, a highly integrated research carrier, and an ultra-light bionic butterfly with collective behavior that can coordinate flight with the help of an indoor GPS equipped with an infrared camera.

It is equipped with a light and strong wing membrane for semi-autonomous flight precise positioning, action optimization, and precise flight control in a specific space.

AquaJellies 2.0 demonstrates the potential and ideas of efficient systems in the field of water technology, achievable in the water treatment industryProcess MonitoringandStatus monitoringto overcome all important problems in the equipment and process industries.

It has a unique fin drive that controls its own movement, communicates with the outside world via radio, transmits data and can be installed reliably in a very small space. Coordination in water and wastewater technology or other areas of the process industryBionicFinWave does a great job of detecting

Published on 09/19/2022