Five tips for purchasing sweeping robots

OFweekRobotInternet News Many people are very confused about buying a Robot vacuum cleaner. In fact, the knowledge when purchasing a sweeping Robot is much greater. In order to facilitate the novice to buy, the market research team has made a summary of the most practical functions of the sweeping robot, hoping to serve as a reference for the novice in the purchase process. effect.

Five tips for purchasing sweeping robots

One of the buying tips: choose a large dust box

When it comes to the size of the dust box, among the robot vacuum cleaners, the largest dust box capacity is the German TOMEFON robot vacuum cleaner. It means that you don’t have to clean it as often, and it lasts for a long time after cleaning it once. At the same time, TOMEFON’s dust box can also be disassembled and washed at any time, which is convenient to keep the dust box clean at any time and prolong its service life.

Five tips for purchasing sweeping robots

Purchasing Tips 2: Choose a robot vacuum cleaner that uses a “bow” cleaning route

According to market research and many tests, this “bow”-shaped cleaning mode cleans more cleanly, has wider coverage, saves time, and can minimize missed sweeps. It not only cleans the specified area in a short period of time, but also It also reduces the wear and tear of the machine, because many ordinary sweeping robots use repeated scanning to clean the same place repeatedly, which not only takes a long time, but also takes longer to use the machine, and of course it breaks down faster. Fina’s fourth-generation sweeping robot has retained the “bow”-shaped cleaning route, and has also improved it, adding a U-shaped mode, an edge mode, and so on.

Buying Tips 3: Dust Filtration System Function

Taking Fina as an example, 36 pleats are distributed on its 47cm2 Hypa, and the microscopically arranged filter holes can effectively block dust particles, insects and mites and other allergens, and release clean and healthy air. Fina has upgraded this function, using the air purifier’s filtration standard, large particles and HEPA filtration as a whole, so that the exhausted air is even cleaner than breathing.

Buying Skill No. 4: Intelligent Positioning Function

The sweeping robot with this function can locate the entire room in real time, and then map according to the surrounding environment, make independent judgments, and then divide the area. Missing scans.

Five tips for purchasing sweeping robots

Buying Tips No. 5: Low Noise

Many people have responded that the noise during the cleaning process of the robot vacuum will affect the rest, so you need to pay attention to the noise when purchasing. The noise of Feiner is controlled within 50db. The cleaning process is gentler and quieter, and will not affect the normal Live and rest.

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Published on 09/18/2022