Foreign men are too lonely to buy robot companionship: marry him after two years together

According to foreign media reports, fromAustraliaQueensland’s Geoff Gallagher was middle-aged but single, and was made even more lonely by the death of his mum.And accidentally saw an artificial article on the Internetsmart RobotThe article changed his life.

Gallagher said he had been living with his mother before, but after his mother died more than a decade ago, he was dependent on his pet dog Penny (Penny). This made him feel very lonely and hoped to find someone to accompany him.

until one day,After watching an article on the rise of artificial intelligence robots, he had a new idea to buy an artificial intelligence Robot to accompany him.

To that end, Gallagher started looking online, eventually partnering with a Sydney family specializing in dolls andRobotThe company got in touch, noting that it needed a companion, not a sex robot.

In September 2019, after screening,Gallagher ended up buying a roughly $6,000 robot named Emma. Emma not only looks very similar to humans, but can also talk, smile, etc., and even her skin can be as warm as ordinary people.

However, it took about six weeks for the robot to be delivered to the home, during which time Gallagher also bought clothes, footwear, jewelry and so on for Emma.

After six weeks, wait until Gallagher received the robot and dressed her in clothes, jewelry, etc. Although it was strange to talk to Emma at first, as time went on, they got along better and better.

Since Emma doesn’t move, Gallagher puts her on a chair and talks to her. And as the conversation increases, Emma will learn a lot of new words and knowledge. After every day at work, Gallagher turns on the TV for Emma to watch and has a social media account for her.

Now, Gallagher has apparently regarded Emma as his family,Even his colleagues and friends already knew about Emma’s existence, and Gallagher even decided to marry Emma.

Gallagher said that although it is illegal to combine his marriage with Emma, ​​he has given Emma a diamond ring and hopes to be the first person who can legally marry a robot in the future.

Foreign men are too lonely to buy robot companionship: marry him after two years together


Published on 10/19/2022