Four major applications of the integration of industrial robots and CNC machine tools

The automotive industry has always beenRobotThe most important areas of application, withautomationincreased demand,industryRobot applications have been further expanded. In addition to traditional welding applications, robots aremachine toolIt has also been widely used in the fields of loading and unloading, material handling and palletizing, grinding, spraying, and assembly. Metal forming machine tools are an important part of machine tools. The forming process is usually associated with high labor intensity, noise pollution, metal dust, etc. Sometimes in high temperature, high humidity and even polluted environments, the work is simple and boring, and it is difficult for enterprises to recruit people. The integration of industrial robots and forming machine tools can not only solve the problem of enterprise employment, but also improve processing efficiency and safety, and improve processing accuracy, which has a great room for development.

Estun uses its own technology and platform in the Robot control system and the machine tool CNC system to achieve seamless connection, develop a bending software package, and realize closed-loop control of the robot support during the bending process. Under different bending speeds , the robot realizes full tracking of automatic matching, and the bending software package also shortens the bending teaching time from the past 2-3 days to 2-3 hours. It is very good in the processing of switch cabinets, file cabinets, elevators, security doors, etc. application.

According to the requirements of the workpiece forming process, it needs to be processed in multiple presses. The entire production line is composed of a depalletizing robot, a feeding robot, a transfer robot between the presses, and a tail line robot.mechanicalCompared with the hand, the industrial robot is more flexible, has no equal requirements on the mold, and is easy to integrate.Estun uses the autonomous press control system and the robot control system to seamlessly connect, so that the robot’s action and the press can be optimally coordinated, and the field bus is used to maximize the efficiency and safety of the entire production line

Since forging is a harsh environment with high temperature and high humidity and graphite lubrication, special attention should be paid to the protection work of the robot and the ability of the robot itself to resist heat radiation.motorAt the connection between the robot’s big arm and the small arm, it has the structural feature of keeping itself away from heat radiation. The electronic cam control system is installed in the die forging press, so that the operation of the die forging press is coordinated with the operation of the robot, so as to improve the processing efficiency and improve the safety of the system.

Robot is a typical representative of advanced manufacturing technology and automation equipment. Intelligent industrial equipment has become the basis for the upgrading and transformation of the global manufacturing industry. The integrated application of industrial robots and CNC machine tools makes intelligent manufacturing and digital workshops and intelligent factories move from concept to concept. Reality.

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Published on 08/27/2022